Self Driven Team that Rocked the Social Media with NaMo Chant

The Egypt revolution couldn’t possibly have unfolded the way it did had the Internet not been around. India Against Corruption (IAC) movement couldn’t have gained traction and struck a chord with millions of frustrated Indians had there been no vehicle available for carrying forward its message.

While the election campaign of BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Mr. Narendra Modi has been unique and extraordinary in more ways than one, the support he received from millions of netigens in India was ‘phenomenal’ to say the least.

Going by the blogs, comments, infographics, videos and other such content published, shared or debated on by Modi fans on the Internet, it appears that the fan base comprises of all sorts of people – intellectuals, commoners, and liberals who argued reasonably by providing facts and others who were intolerant to contrasting views. That’s NaMo supporters being humans; the larger picture that has now emerged indicates that the Modi wave on social media played a vital role in garnering support directly for a PM candidate and not a party or group.

A section of people believe that the NaMo campaign was a well executed marketing campaign, funded heavily by the Corporate. Whether their belief is backed by facts or they are merely shocked at the intensity of the campaign that no one could have possibly predicted until around 3 years ago, is for readers to judge. But, one of the biggest social media campaigns advocating ‘Narendra Modi for PM’ was initiated, sustained and steered forward by a team of 8 youngsters who they say received no financial assistance from the BJP or any other organization.

These 8 people are engineers and entrepreneurs, none of them officially associated with the BJP. Strange as it may sound, the team started working in isolation and it was only at a much later stage that its efforts were recognized by the BJP.

The team first created ‘I Support Narendra Modi’ (ISN) Facebook page in 2011. Today, the page has a total of 22 Lac fans.

Given the fact that the content shared on a Facebook Page, if liked, shared or commented on by users, reaches out to a much bigger audience, ‘I Support Narendra Modi’ Facebook page went a long way in propagating the NaMo chant while at the same time highlighting the inefficiencies of the crippled incumbent government.

Here are some vital stats of ISN created and maintained by the team:

Total Likes: 22 Lacs

Total Reach: Around 7-8 Crore

Countries: India, UAE, Turkey, USA, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, UK, Kuwait, Singapore and Oman

Major Indian Cities: New Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Pune, Hydrabad, Jaipur, Ahemdabad, Lucknow, Surat, Chennai, Calcutta, Indore, Bhopal, Kanpur, Gurgaon, Allahabad, Varanasi, Chandigarh, Dehra Dun, Nagpur, Ghaziabad and Noida.

Page Stats

Unlike traditional marketing channels, social media cannot be controlled by merely fueling funds or by deploying hordes of people specializing in twisting facts, information and public opinion.

Social media campaigns move forward or the core message travels far and wide if it strikes a chord with the masses in the most natural way without anyone trying to control or manipulate the opinion of the target audience.

The team of 8 people, now running a total of 26 Facebook pages and twitter handles, took out time from their day to day professional and personal engagements to keep the NaMo chant alive.

Vikas Pandey, who leads the team, is a software architect by profession. He lives in Noida.

Vikas Pandey

Vinod Rai too is a software architect by profession. Having written Java codes for around 8 years, Vinod set aside 3 months and dedicated himself to the cause.

vinod rai

Hitesh Rangra, an NIT Hamirpur alumnus is a software engineer, currently deputed in Himachal Pradesh. He has been carrying out the necessary research for social media content creation for the ‘I Support Narendra Modi’ and other Facebook fan pages. He strategized the creation of #NDARocks on Twitter that was World no. 2 trending hashtag at that time.

Hitesh Rangra

Devang Dave, a web 2.0 programmer looks after the YouTube channel that has a total of around 69 thousand subscribers. The iSupportNamo YouTube channel has recorded over 79 Lac views until now.

Devang Dave

Bijesh Dwiwedy looked after the creation and publication of graphic content on the main ‘I Support Narendra Modi’ Facebook page. Bijesh is also a software engineer by profession.

Bijesh Dwiwedy

Hardik Upadhyay is an entrepreneur who looks after the website. Hardik is co-owner of a web development company.

Hardik Upadhyay

Shailesh Jha, a software engineer based out of Delhi looked after door-to-door campaigns that the team launched around 6 months before the elections to ensure maximum voter registrations. Such drives were organized by the team with the help of thousands of volunteers from across the country.

shailesh jha

Vikki Giridhar, a young business owner from Kurukshetra, handles many of the sister pages of ‘I Support Narendra Modi’ Facebook page.

Vikki Giridhar

While the team continued to inform millions of people about the Gujrat model of governance & development and suitability of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of the country since 2011, it was much later in 2014 when these 8 youngsters were finally face to face with BJP’s office bearers in New Delhi.

I Support Narendra Modi team members and volunteers with BJP officials

Speaking to the Hill Post, Hitesh Rangra said that the team found BJP’s Prime Ministerial nominee a perfect candidate.

“We wanted to do our bit. We had no idea we would come this far,’ he said.

When asked about the moderation of user generated content on Facebook pages and other social media communities, Hitesh said that the team and volunteers made sure everyone was allowed to voice their opinions, in favor or against the stand they had taken except in cases when someone resorted to abusive language or spam.

It is May 12th today and the country awaits the final outcome of general elections on May 16th. The team of 8 youngsters that voluntarily steered forward Narendra Modi’s social media campaign is confident that the candidate they have supported for so long for the love of their motherland will soon be heading a new government.

No matter who comes to power, wins a majority or forms a coalition government at the center, it has been hell of an election in India this time!

The people of my country, it seems, are no longer going to let things happen; not by default.

Director at HMPL, a digital media services company, Kamal Thakur is a computer science & engineering grad from NIT Jalandhar. He is a writer, ecommerce analyst and content marketing expert. Kamal lives in the Himalayas

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  1. says: Rajiv Mitra

    The bottom line is, when people are crystal clear about the most important priorities of the organization and team they work with and prioritized their work around those top priorities, not only are they many times more productive, they discover they have the time they need to have a whole life.

    Thank you.
    The ISN Team

  2. says: Akash Jasiwal


  3. says: Manoj Malviya

    That page has given a new age to know about indian politics 🙂 , I joined that page a year back , now i know so many politician by this page seriusly nicely done. Vote for Modi.

  4. says: Nirod chakravarty

    Kudos to Team-8 ! A fabulous job done for our motherland . I pray that your hard work will be appreciated by millions!!
    Namo Namo.. Namo नमो नमो

  5. says: Gayatri Srivastav

    Well done team. Nice to see youth actively working in politics. Unsung heroes of a likely victory!

  6. says: Dr panna

    Great work. Appreciate, so much, you all have worked for our beloved country, and you have chosen right candidate to work for… Shri Narendra Modiji is amongst all other candidate who talks positive, has vision and most important loves our country,,,,,he is the one who will make us feel proud of our country

  7. says: Natarajan

    Fantastic work, guys!! No words to express your commitment and dedication. Proud of you all !!

  8. says: Bindiya Bakshi

    You have rendered a great service to our motherland. You exemplify the teachings of the holy Bhagvad Gita, ” Nishkam Karma “. I too in my small way forwarded the message of development, good governance, a resurgent and vibrant India under the able leadership of Modi ji to as many as possible. God bless you all. Keep up the good work. Well done. I would be deeply honoured to be a part of your team of dedicated foot soldiers.

  9. says: Saroj Thakur

    I am so happy that this team of youngsters have done what we, the so-called-elders. discuss over cups of tea!!! Kudos to you all!

  10. says: Chetan Gandhi

    Great Job! But what next for this team??? If Congress will hire same team then what will happen? Lets see

  11. says: Lalit Choudhary

    Thanks to all of you. Its a great work by all of you. I am connected with all the pages, its awesome man. Feeling proud to be a BJP Supporter.THANK YOU GUYZ.

  12. says: Bindiya Bakshi

    Guys I sincerely hope that you are not going to replicate the same for the corrupt congress and their like, no matter what the inducement may be, even if you are offered the stars and the moon. Neverrrrrrrr Everrrrrrrrrrr. Make a solemn promise on this.

  13. says: Ajith Kumar Purushothaman Nair

    You people are did a fabulous job. Thank you for all team members of I support Narendra Modi.
    Jai Namo!, Jai BJP, Jai Modiji.!

  14. says: vikas gakhar

    Stupendous job done by these 8 youngsters. Who made youth aware about the facts and promoted Mr. Modi on social media. Chanakaya said that youth of any country who doesn’t take interest in politics, that country will be destroyed. Namo is the first leader, who got maximum support from youth and these 8 guys did a brilliant job. Acche din aane wale hai. I support Narender Modi Rocks…

  15. says: Gaurav mahajan

    Thanks to all team members , you have done your hard work with full dedication. God bless you. Now it’s time for modi Ji to fulfill the dreams of common man. Make india no 1 all fields.

  16. says: Amit Misra

    Hello Friends,
    When i joined your page ,I found it to be a work of BJP Media cell & you as paid workers of BJP but I could not believe that you people were selflessly serving Mother India in a way,world could only Imagine.I have sent Friend Request to you all.I have some ideas & need your help to implement them to make India ,”sone ki Chidiya ”
    Jai Hind
    Amit Kumar Misra

  17. says: Neetha

    Thank you so much team. A country like us deserves a strong leader and. an able government. Team ISN Grateful for the hardwork put in towards ensuring the same.kudos!!

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