The Demonization Of Kejriwal – Has the Media Got It All Wrong?

kejriOver the last few months Kejriwal and his AAP have turned the spotlight on a number of fundamental issues: one of the most important of them, which has not received the scrutiny it deserves, is the attitude of the mainstream media-primarily the elitist, English language TV channels and print media- towards the Aam Aadmi party and some of its leaders.

Their approach has progressed through the full range of journalistic hysteria- from contempt, scepticism, grudging acceptance, demanding, outrage, to outright condemnation ( the current phase).

During this tortuous journey the media has also exposed the full range of its deficiencies, from elitist bias to ignorance, disconnect, arrogance and perhaps cupidity.

The media has never accepted Kejriwal.

  • It initially dismissed him as a charlatan and fraud and even dug into his IRS past (without success) to find material (the study leave issue, dues to govt.) to discredit him.
  • It deliberately created a rift between him and Anna Hazare by over-emphasising their different paths.
  • It churned out opinion polls ( of toilet paper utility) that could only prejudice his electoral prospects.
  • It grudgingly accepted his political and moral ascendance in Delhi after the elections but quickly recouped its forces, joined ranks with all other political parties and unleashed a blitzkrieg against him that continues unabated till today.

AAP Supporters Post Delhi ElectionsI am not talking of legitimate criticism and careful analysis, which is the reason the press exists, but of which we have seen little these last few months. I am talking of misinformation, misinterpretation, highlighting issues which support only a pre-conceived thesis and blacking out others, giving a slant to the reporting, shouting down contrary views, distorting the facts and making connections where none exist, regurgitating half digested news. (To be fair to this section of the media, they have done this to others also-the shocking manner in which the OB vans and the anchors wormed their way into the Sunanda Pushkar case, like maggots, and laid bare before the nation all kinds of nonsensical theories- murder, ISI plot, Dubai connection, IPL connection( they showed Subramaniam Swamy making this charge on TV), Sashi Tharoor’s culpability on charges of abetment to suicide,all without any verification- would make anyone want to throw up.

Those anchors have  all shut up now that all those bestial theories have been disproved, and (without so much as a ” sorry” to Mr. Tharoor) turned their undivided malevolent attention back to Kejriwal.

How fair has the media been in the following?

  • Accusing Kejriwal initially of not forming the govt. in Delhi (REASON-shirking his constitutional responsibility), and when he does form the govt., castigating him for doing so with Congress support (REASON- contradicting his stated position). All channels ignored the obvious explanation given by the party- that they never asked for Congress support.

What was Kejriwal supposed to do in the Assembly when the Congress voted in favour of his party-ask the Speaker to reject those votes, or expel the Congress MLAs, or go to Arnab Goswami for advice?

  • Accusing Kejriwal of not keeping his election promises to the people when he does not announce any relief on Water and Power within a week of assuming office, and criticizing him for being populist when he does announce such relief.

And when the CMs of Haryana and Chhatisgarh ( and now even Maharashtra) make similar announcements, the same press only refers to it “en passant”!

  • Constantly questioning Kejriwal on what concrete action he would take to make the Delhi police accountable to the people and govt. of Delhi.- and condemning him when he takes the first effective step (the dharna) to attain this.

For the last twenty-one years each and every Chief Minister of Delhi took shelter behind the alibi of central control of the police rather than assume control and the responsibility for their actions that comes with it.

Kejriwal accepted the challenge but is being condemned for it.

  • Terming the dharna at Rail Bhawan as ” anarchy” even though it was peaceful, did not seek to bring down any govt., or break any laws (except the ubiquitous Sec.144 which was never meant to be applied in the case of legitimate protest but has become the first resort of all govternments to stifle them).

The media has a very short and selective memory-if all protests are to be termed as anarchy then the Jai Prakash Narain movement would never have happened and we would still be under an Emergency.

  • Stigmatizing public participation in governance as “Vigilantism”. The media-comfortable in their privileged status where any favour is just a phone call away- disapproves of public involvement in the monitoring of schools, hospitals, police stations even though they are fully aware of( and quite often expose) the deplorable conditions prevailing there.

Delhi Law MinisterLaw Minister Bharti is denounced as a Vigilante even before the Inquiry Commission has given its report.

The murder of Arunachal’s Nido this week and the thrashing of two other girls from the North-east in Kotla last week has thoroughly exposed the rot in the Delhi police, and vindicates Mr. Bharti’s action in personally going to Khirkee village and demanding that the police take action.

This is not vigilantism. Vigilantism is what MNS and SP goons are doing in UP and Bombay, but our TV channels let them off with brief mentions, reserving their vitriol for the AAP.

The double standards on display only add to this pathetic roll call of ineptitude. All parties come out with grand manifestos before elections but consign them to the dustbin on assuming power, and the media forgets about them too. But Kejriwal’s 18 point manifesto was flung in his face from day one and he was castigated on an almost hourly basis for not implementing it.

The Congress has done nothing about the scams for ten years but Kejriwal is expected to throw Sheila Dixit in jail within twenty four hours of assuming office!

When Gadkari makes allegations about  clandestine pay-offs to form the AAP government it is merely reported; when AAP’s Madan Lal alleges he was offered Rs. 20 crores to defect the media demands that he produce proof and file an FIR; every penny received by AAP is on their website but still questions are raised repeatedly on their legality, but have you seen any  Prime-time discussion on why Mallya refuses to pay his employees or the Banks while continuing with his Great Gatsby life-style?

Or why SAHARA’s Subroto Roy refuses to explain how he got the Rs. 20,000 crore for his deposit schemes?

Or why India’s most fearless journalist forgot to ask Rahul Gandhi about Robert Vadra’s rags-to-riches miracle?

Or about the Houdini-like manoeuvers that enabled his family to take over the assets of the National Herald?

Has there been even a whisper on TV or the press about Madhu Kishwar’s expose on the NDTV- Chidambram laundry list of Rs. 5000 crore?

The media has become an expert at manufacturing red herrings to divert the attention away from AAP’s core issues/ intentions so as to serve their main purpose of discrediting the party.

Khirki thus becomes a matter of Racism and Sexism, and not about drugs, prostitution and police corruption; Kejriwal’s dharna is projected exclusively as a constitutional break-down and the issues relating to federalism, the right of a state govt. to exercise control over its police force, the attitude of an insensitive central govt- all these are disregarded. Misleading Headlines and Breaking News spots predict the imminent fall of the AAP govt. and party, a few defamation cases against Kejriwal by affected politicos is projected as the law closing in on him, an attempt at having a genuine janata durbar is tom-tommed as an administrative failure of cataclysmic proportions.

Speakers on panel discussions who support the AAP position are either shouted down, intimidated, lectured to or simply have the mike taken away!

Only domesticated panelists whose toe-the-media-line biases are well known are chosen to appear at the mid-night hour (one of them inadvertently gave the game away recently by mentioning (live) that he gets paid Rs. 5000 for every appearance!). There was no contradiction from the fearless anchor who quickly changed the subject!

What is the explanation for the patently partisan and adversarial ( to the AAP) posture adopted by the media, for its 24×7 condemnation of Kejriwal and his party, for its perpetual fault-finding autopsy of every word and act of this fledgling entity which should at least be given some grace period to flap its wings before expecting it to soar into the firmament?

Having given the matter some thought, I see three main reasons to explain the media’s curious behavior.

First, a total disconnect with the pulse of the people.

Editors and anchors who divide their time between padded air-conditioned studios and the drawing/dining rooms of the rich and infamous, whose ears are fixed on their smartphones rather than on the ground, who move only in their own circle from which they also choose their panelists and pollsters, have lost touch with reality.

Arvind Kejriwal - Delhi Chief Minister

They have yet to realize that Kejriwal’s mass appeal does not stem from reduction of power or water tariffs or from the promise of regularizing contract workers- it stems from his visceral denunciation of corruption and elitism, from his projection of abject simplicity, from an idiom that is not conventionally political. The more the channels concentrate on the non-issues, the more irrelevant they become to the people and the more they are perceived to be part of the effete superstructure that the people want to demolish.

Second, sheer ignorance of both history and current developments across the world.

If you have already made up your mind before the show starts, and if you profess to be an expert on seven subjects in seven days, there is very little your research team can do for you. By continuing to insist that Kejriwal is the Great Anarch, the elitist media is negating all the struggles in the past that make us the great democracy we are. In the process the media has also blinded itself to the contextual relevance of Kejriwal’s movement.

The emergence of the AAP has to be seen as part of a global churning against big government, corruption, the feeling that ” the modern state often seems designed to look after itself rather than the citizens it is supposed to serve” (the Economist, January 4th 2014), against 19th century Chicago style politicians, against an elite prospering at the expense of the working classes.

Arab Spring - Revolution

The last ten years has seen political parties with the same DNA as the AAP, what are being called ” insurgent parties”, asserting themselves across the globe- the UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) in the UK, the Tea Party rump of the Republican Party in the USA, The Progress Party of Norway, the Front National ( FN) of the inimitable Marie Le Pen in France, The Freedom Party in the Netherlands, the Five Star Movement in Italy.

Once considered fringe groups they too were demonised by the media and the establishment, but they have come to stay: they have broad appeal, command size-able vote percentages, influence the formation of governments, and sleepless governments are learning their lessons the hard way-either they adapt to the policy demands of these newcomers or they vacate more and more space for them.

Lessons, dear Mr. Goswami-Sardesai-Rahul Kanwal and Ms. Dutt and Ghosh, are not derived from vacuous panel discussions but from studying what is happening in the world around you. You may consider Kejriwal a freak but most of the developed world is taking people like him very seriously.

Third, and most important, one is beginning to suspect that there might be more than meets the eye in this sustained campaign to discredit Kejriwal and AAP.

One has to weigh seriously Shazia Ilmi’s charge that big corporates, who are desperate for Modi to become PM, are behind the media campaign. The Congress, equally petrified of this unpredictable party would certainly not hesitate to call in favours from a media with which it has always has a cosy relationship.

The DAVP budget is a handy persuader (as the AG audit of the advertising spend of the Chhatisgarh government makes amply clear).

And let us not forget that loose change of Rs. 500 crores which the Congress party has set aside for its election campaign!

I may be wrong, or perhaps senility is catching up with me, but I do seem to feel that our media has raised the decibel pitch against Kejriwal rather noticeably ever since news about this bankroll became public. Quite often the loudest bidder is also the highest bidder! Ever since the Radia tapes exposures the credibility and integrity of our mainstream media have been under a cumulonimbus cloud. And we are well aware of the fact that almost all  prime channels and publications are owned or controlled by business houses or leading politicians.

Aditya Thakur’s article in the Hillpost gives some of the details: Prannoy (NDTV) Roy’s wife is the sister of Brinda Karat of the CPM, TIMES NOW belongs to Bennet and Coleman, NEWS24 is controlled by Rajeev (IPL) Shukla a Congress Minister, PTC is owned by Sukhbir Badal, INDIA NEWS is owned by Karthikeya Sharma son of Congress leader Vinod Sharma, THE PIONEER is ably steered by BJP MP Chandan Mitra, the HINDU is owned by the Kasturi family which has overt CPM sympathies, The INDIAN EXPRESS supports the Congress while its twin the NEW INDIAN EXPRESS is an avowed NDA sympathiser, the HINDUSTAN TIMES is the undisputed turf of Shobhana Bhartiya, a former Congress MP and daughter of KK Birla, the TIMES OF INDIA can no longer lay any claim to fair reporting ever since it started the reprehensible practice of accepting equity from companies (instead of payment) for their advertising: you may not lick the hand that feeds you, but you’ll certainly bite the hand that doesn’t.

These then are the forces that are ranged against Arvind Kejriwal, forces that will not even allow him thirty days to prove himself.

In the electronic din created by them even the sounds of genuine criticism (which the AAP will no doubt welcome) are drowned out.

We expect no better from our political parties which live in a world of dog eat dog. But we expect better from our Fourth Estate in these momentous times when change is palpably in the air.

Let them not forget the words of John F Kennedy:

” Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Avay Shukla retired from the Indian Administrative Service in December 2010. He is a keen environmentalist and loves the mountains. He divides his time between Delhi and his cottage in a small village above Shimla. He used to play golf at one time but has now run out of balls. He blogs at

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  1. says: Mehar Sagar

    I forgot to comment our so called free media, so to say–freedom of speech does not mean –arrogance, imposing your views or your masters, or acting above the jurisdiction of the highest court of law–it is the indian media which is the enemy within to India’s soverignity, integrirty, secular nature and cultural identity– they are experts in chasing a red herring and not discuss issues in great depth and analysis and if they ask a question , are itching to answer it themselves for they think they kniow it all, and if so, then why ask –media is to put across to society, the views of all without their own opinions or bias and let the people decide— if you ask a question then be prepared to listen to the answer—all the anchors are snubbed almost daily by the panelists on the same but they are so full of themselves, that they are shameless now –be it rajdeep or arnab or rahul or barkha or saagrika— all learned people but immatured news anchors who do not know what freedom of speech means and the responsibility of the media to place to the people what irs right for the country and what could be wrong and then let them decide–it is for them to put across facts and not personal opinions or likes and dislikes—is so apparent how they have been trying to ridicule the AAP and Kejriwal and how they fear the Lords of mafia–the Congress and BJP. The people of this country are no more foolish and never were and can see through the media thus their predictions go topsy turvy–they act like commercial fim directors, trying to sensationalise —not act like matured media persons whom the country can look up to– for objectivirty and facts—if 30 minutes are too little for debates, extend the sliots to 45-60 minutes for more than 60 minutes becomes a monotonous exercise.but for God sake mange panelists for it is a fish market where all scream together in hysteria and no one is indeed heard or able to get his voice across–when would we, as people learn to speak one at a time and to listen to others–what you want to say is known to you, you are there to put across your point and listen to others views, not to be part of a mad crowd. More so how come the media brings the same faces on all the cahnnels daily–in a country of over a billion, the people want to see new faces for each programme and different faces for the same programme on different channels—not the same man or woman, by looking at them , one can predict the view point and not an objective remark or comment or a truthful reply—we as a nation have to learn abot the media , its power and force and how to use it to the advantage of a nation, not agianst it or against oneself.. The Indian Anchors are yet to grow up to be men and women of substance–they are right now all along with their panellists a pack of jokers!!!
    I as an Indian , have no respect for our news media and how can we be civilised when in todays age, we still garland statues and glorify film personalities as celebrities–celebrities are people like gandhi, nehru, Indira, sardar patel, bhagat singh, Old freedom fighters and Politicians of the pre Sixties, the Then Service Chiefs, not the ones of today –the best service Chiefs era ended with Manekshaw, Raina, Thimmaya, Perera, Bhagwat , Arjun Singh and their contemporaries , now we have weaklings in the likes of Kapoors, Vij, JJ, Bikram Singh and others to follow. . Emminent celebrities were Acharaya Vinobha Bhave, Premchand, the former ICS Officers not todays IAS who are all opportunists making big bucks as our parliamentarians do, President Kalam, Geet Sethi, the Billiards Champion, Palkiwala, Justice Chagla, Milkha, PT Usha, Dyan Chand, tendulkar, gavaskar, Bhutia, Virender, sushil, kapil dev, Dhoni, not people like sarukh, salmaan, Katrina ertc etc who cannot act but are worshipped for their earnings for a job overpaid highly and we endorse it as people–actors were Prithvi raj, Guru dutt, Amitabh, Madhuri Dixit , Sunil Dutt , Nargis, Waheeda, Devanand, Dilip Kumar, manoj kumar, Pran , raajkumar, Rehman, Om Prakash, Shabaana , Meena Kumari, Smita patil etc and they do not seek cheap popularity as the breed of todays cinema does and then it was people in cinema who were dignified and had grace and deserve adulation but our news channels are running all over the cinema world and invite them to conclaves–have yet to see one war hero a PVC invited to any of the conclaves of India today or hindustan times. This country is full of people who have got the nation glory, fame and a reckoning in the world in whatever field they were in, how come it is only the Hollywood that impresses our politicians and Newsmakers on news hours and the E night programmes that follow—the news channels are so naive that they are unable to make programmes or interview the men and women who made India strong and put it on a high pedestal.
    I ask of myself why is it that our women socialists and reformers and the women activists and magazines have never glorified the woman who is a home maker, raises a family with values and gives up everything to give to india a society that she so much needs which can respect human values or is it that only women who make big bucks matter to society–that is one reason why there are so many loose missiles floating around, ill bred, ill brought up, and coming from broken or non-functuional homes, wondering about indulging in crime, rapes, drugs, immoral acts and does the media ever take up that to be the root cause of a society degenerating???–Is it not time to respect non -working mothers as the pride of our nation, not to say that working women are not, but donot neglect the home maker in our obsession for the working woman!

  2. says: Vishal Kumar

    I really appreciate your efforts to pen down everything in such a manner that anybody can understand it. I am a big admiror of AAm AADMI PARTY. Keep writing, you are an insipration.

  3. says: JP GUPTA

    I totally agree with mr Shula . The media is sold out and therefore to expect it to be fair to Kejriwal or AAP is pipe dream . The Hindi anchors are a little fair but not the elitist English media . Every honest thinking Indian has welcomed coming of AAP and will cont doing so .
    Thanks all the same for making my day
    Gen Gupta

  4. says: Abhishek Mundhra

    The analysis of the modus operandi of AAP is outstanding.The above posts mirrors the fact that still some of the media personnel is genuine & authentic in factfinding & reflecting the true scenario of the prevailing socio-political conditions in the country.
    I feel from the heart bottom that the article”THE DEMONIZATION OF KEJRIWAL – HAS THE MEDIA GOT IT ALL WRONG?” needs to be circulated,broadcasted & discussed to every nook & cranny of our country.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. says: B.R.SIVARAJ

    The English media which pretends to sit on a high moral platform prosper at the mercy of major political parties and illegally get major perks and privileges from these parties. Further the English media has strong belief in GOEBBEL’s theory and practice this theory 24*7.

  6. says: Saji M J

    The freedom that our freedom fighters fought for is not this freedom, where the mighty and the powerful bulldoze the weak and helpless. It’s a real disgrace that all the major political party’s are guilty of this. The APP is a breath of fresh air and deserves all the support and help.
    They have no media support as that too is with the “mighty”. Ultimately the truth will prevail.

  7. says: Vishal

    AK was never a good serving officer – he took forged leave. Cheated the Government.

    Got his fame thought Anna. Created confusion in the team – then split to form political party – cheated Anna.

    He misused Anna’s Name. Once Anna questioned him – his supporters defamed Anna.

    Though Anna succeeded in passing Lokpal bill – you want to keep lokpal issue alive to win your polls.

    Through Referendum he accepted the support of Congress/Corrupt party and Became CM.

    As CM – his governance was
    Supporting unruly Minister – Dharna on supporting his action of harassing foreign national women and against the police who stood by laws.
    Daily Political stunts like Jantha Dharbar, Anti Corrution toll etc.
    As Loksabha is heading – AK took his main weapon (JanLokpal) again. As he wanted to prepare for Loksabha – he introduced the JanLokpal bill without the consent from LG and did not even show copy to other MLA’s. When other parties were telling to follow the procedure to pass the bill – he introduced the JanLokpal bill in unconstitutional way so that they wont support him. And once they disagreed – He quit. – Cheating the people.

    You can cheat all people for some time and some people for all time, but not all people for all time. That is not possible.

  8. says: Gary

    Lol at this article !!

    It’s a typical AAP supporter attitude to blame all the failures of the 49 day AAP fiasco (not worthy of being even called government) on the media!!

    Was the media stopping AAP from performing it’s legislatively mandated duties ? no. Did the media ask AAP to make wild promises to the people before elections ? no. Is it the media’s fault that rapes and power cuts continue in Delhi during the AAP government ? No.

    Worst of all the AAP has no national policy. It’s leaders talk about referendum on Kashmir and then retract. It has no manufacturing or defence policy. Just riding the bogey of corruption is not going to float your boat for very long . It’s an important issue but hardly the only important one.
    Mr modi has proven himself at the city and state level before going to the federal level. Kejriwal on the other hand seems to be in a greedy hurry to grab national power. I am sorry the people of India will not act as stupid as the people of Delhi did.
    Jai Hind !

  9. says: Ajay

    Both the owners of media and the media is not realizing, more they crtiticize Arvind Kejriwal and try to open/expose him, in that process BJP and Congress gets exposed more than him and his image gets improved in a common man’s mind. Keep up these efforts of trying to tarnish his image more and more so that in that process even others gets exposed and AAP comes out clean. But at least increase the level of decency and intellectual levels of the debates. People like Avadh, Sanjay Nirupam, Mukesh Sharma, cannot improve the levels of such debates…they feel that they are in parliament or assembly and just raise their voices and raise totally irrelvant points to dodge streight questions. I/we dont expect decency and professional ethics from anchors like Arnab Goswami and Rahul Kanwal. Though Rajdeep tries to not to show the embarassment on his face by putting the face down when he asks some question which he really doesnt want to. That do speak volume, Rajdeep even when you dont say it!!!

  10. says: Sunil

    Thnx Mr. Shukla for bringing up the real face of Indian media. Very thorough analysis of what it’s actually going in our country today. I whole heartedly support your views. You are right the media houses and our so called intellectuals are creating confusion and doubt in people’s mind fearing their irrelevance if AAP’s movement becomes a success. They are trying everything to derail this people’s movement by spreading lies. All mainstream political parties are fighting for their very existence because they don’t want to change. They are fearing of becoming irrelevant if AAP succeeds in bringing in change this doing everything and anything to stop them.

  11. says: Manoj

    I just love the way some administrative officers (some revenue service officers also) are capable of trotting out glib lies without a blush.

    2 months ago, AAP and Kejriwal were claiming all credit for media focus on Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement, and tweeting merrily that the old man would have been nothing except for Shre Shri Kejriwal Sir. Now you are claiming media has been only persecuting AAP since times immemorial!

    The logic of AAP is simple – it’s a rag-tag bunch of entitled leaders who want more, riding the frustration and anger people feel at misgovernance, but I see most educated and experienced people have left AAP, and the core group remains of book-reading, low-real world knowledge class.

    GOod attempt at trying to justify confused leaders, bad at governing to win some LS seats to extract your pound of flesh in a divided parliament – well indians across the country have seen through this game regional parties have played in Parliament, and it’s not going to happen in 2014, as the 4 states’ elections showed.

    Time for me to get back to sanity. Ciao.

  12. says: akshay kalia

    Very well written article! It was long overdue that someone would write in favour of AAP. Mr Kejriwal is a fearless and upright man which is evident from his interviews. How many ministers do we know who have left lucrative posts for principles. We want to see principled and honest people at the helm of affairs but over the years for paucity of genuinely good and honest leaders we have become disillusioned. We are happy with the make believe world around us and averse to any event which forces a change. Mr Kejriwal is that event which is forcing everyone out of their comfort zone. He has forced the pessimists to believe that yes there are honest people who are equally courageous and intelligent to outsmart the bad people. For me he is a messiah who is gaining in strength every single day and its not long before these corrupt and communal forces will be forced to change their discourse or be left to rot in one corner of history. Jai Hind

  13. says: Saurabh

    I am not against media… Only because it was media who brought kejriwal to spotlight and it became a household name…all supported Kejriwal because he was going to bring down electricity bills ..increase water supply per household and many many very good promises like any other politician before coming to power.only thing was people trusted him for his clean image and will to do good things for common man.
    .but when in power he just became self centered and never did what all he said before polls…and to top it ran away for more such tamashas in lok sabha polls


    The media’s gameplan became obvious immediately after the Anna Hazare fast in
    August 2012 when the Congress led UPA was stripped of its stated resolve to fight corruption in high places – with its sham antics to appease, cajole, corrupt, threaten and finally demonise Anna Hazare through the media. The fourth pillar of our democratic system, which till August ’12 was all over Hazare in admiration of his anti-corruption conviction, suddenly turned critic with a spate of “revelations” against him – and one must be truly naive and daft to believe the ruling Establishment did not have a hand in giving the media a hand to bite the hand that gave it its legitimacy! And the systematically played out charade of bringing the maverick Arvind Kejriwal to his ‘senses’ by a pliant media was a no brainer. Avay Shukla’s mention of the ownership pattern of the media giants (including Tehelka and NDTV) shows the devious influence of the powers that be on the socalled guardians of our faith in democracy. Every political bigwig has a finger in the media pie through proxy. And that is why the media in India is but an apology for Big Business and the Political Establishment of the day. But he also should have made a reference to politicians’ wives and girlfriends in the media, who add to the nefarious influence of a political configuration that has long gone sour with the Indian citizen. It is only poetic justice that this concoction should be put to sleep once and for all; and as for the media, no one will regret its demise, considering the honesty with which it has lived out its life. Yet, one can be sure that like the proverbial cat it will come back to life, once again licking the feet of its new masters, whoever it is!

  15. says: Ajit

    A refreshing read..regarding people saying media being responsible for giving media mileage to AAP..would like to clarify, it was not the media who put focus on them, it was the people who wanted him on their screen and media had to comply

  16. says: Vinay Tevatia

    Every point here is very valid. Only thing forgotten is the media taking lightly the slapping of a Cong MP by Jairam Ramesh, the honble minister. Can the media compared it to Bharti episode.

  17. says: vineesh

    Very well said…
    Lesson no 1 Moral of the story who ever stands against or have a different opinion from AK is corrupt.
    Lesson no 2 We don’t give up on anything without a final verdict be it Anna revolution or Dharna then howcme CM’s Post? we have larger plans!!
    Lesson no 3 We have learned the art of the best campaign- “word of mouth Campaign” remember No publicity is bad, a tweet which says I will strip if India wins,made someone trending in social media and later a movie at her disposal, similar is AAPs strategy we use Big names and talk shows to stay on spot light, and same medium to cover up all blunders what we have done in past. and then you call media corrupt?

    Just one question – if you think Media is so corrupt why don’t you boycott Media??
    don’t tell me to clean up politics we entered politics and now we are coming on television to clean up screens .. ..

    Guys don’t just read the offer documents carefully before investing,- understand it too… .
    Good luck to US

  18. says: Abhishek

    Wonderfully written, well crafted words. AAP is to be admired and supported. In the world where Media, Business Gods and Political Big WIgs wants to bring down AAP its our responsibility to stand behind a party which has moral, ethics and values. I salute AAP and Kejriwal.

  19. says: kiran martis

    Letter sent to the media:

    Dear Sir,

    The darkest era of our so called democracy is upon us. No, it is not politicians disrupting parliament, MPs brandishing weapons, papers being torn and strewn in the faces of opponents, murderers, thugs and rapists in parliament.
    The darkest part is the role of the media – television and print. The role of the fourth estate was meant to report situations unfolding in the country, WITHOUT BIAS. It seems, however, that some editors and owners of the media have sold their souls to power, greed and personal gain – judging from the very one-sided reporting and war on the Aam Aadmi Party and particularly Arvind Kejriwal.
    Perhaps they may take a lesson from Machiavelli – “The more you criticize without reason, the more popular you make the person and expose your own selves”.
    Throughout the world old orders are changing; entire populations are becoming more ‘aware’. There will always be those who cling on to the familiar, refuse to accept and see – that thinking and living out of the box is the need of the hour. Technology has spread the change rapidly and exposed old ways of manipulations and deceit.
    Media can become part of the change or remain in their decrepit little house, serving their masters….until it crumbles….
    We believe the media will rise to the responsibility it shoulders, and that there can and will be a turn around, and that fair reporting will prevail.
    Do you agree?

    Suchitra Nair,
    Philip Martis,
    Kiran Martis

  20. says: Lakshmi Prasad

    This has been the most sincere article ever I have read..a true reflection of facts as any body following politics in India would have felt…THANKS

  21. says: Mohammed Riyaz

    This article is the only which Shows the heart of the Aravind bhai which want to work to save the country, swipe out the corruption in all sector, give the real democracy to the people of this country. Hope by this article many blindly believed corrupted parties followers eyes will open. If not so it will be never.

  22. says: D. Fuchs

    To compare AAP in any way to ultra-right-wing and plain neo-fascist movements like FN (what’s “inimitable” about Marine Le Pen?), UKIP and other such european groups or the US “Tea Party” either reveals the author’s complete ignorance of what these movements stand for, or, if it’s not ignorance, throws a very bad light on him… Is he himself an ultra-right-wing nationalist? Or does he think the AAP is? If at all, these groups would be more akin to VHP or RSS than to the AAP.

    D. F.

    1. says: Avay Shukla

      The point, Mr. Fuchs,is not whether these European/ American parties are right or left of the centre: the relevant point is that these ” insurgent” parties, like the AAP, are an expression of the anger against the establishment, the frustration at the conduct of the mainstream political parties, the status quo which appears to benefit only those who have made the existing system their own. Local issues will no doubt differ but the essence is similar. Another thing they have in common with the AAP is their lack of a clear cut ideology of governance, which will no doubt emerge with time and the responsibility that comes with power. They all represent a significant percentage of the populations of their countries and cannot be either wished away or disposed off by rantings and condemnation( which is all too implicit in your comment): the establishment, which includes the mainstream media, will have to learn to deal with them for they are harbingers of inevitable change.

      1. says: D. Fuchs

        I’m afraid your comparison remains as factually wrong as it is generally questionable, to put it quite mildly. Neiter are the movements you name here (without explaining the ultra-right-wing bias or your odd fascination with M. Le Pen) “insurgents”, nor are they the “harbingers of inevitable change”. On the contrary, they are nothing but reactionary and xenophobic neo-fascists diguising as political parties. They represent the absolute worst of the worst in European politics, and have no merit or moral integrity whatsoever. Most of these should be fought on a legal level rather than a political one, esp. in Germany…

        While the “Tea Party” may not be outright neo-fascist, it is also the opposite of an “insurgent” movement – or if, then its one that is massively funded (if not founded) by the same “establishment” you claim it is out to fight, again the worst of the worst of its kind, see

        None of this is true of the AAP, whose origins may be closer to the worldwide “Occupy” movement than to the retrograde extremist scum that you consider to be related to “change”.

        The main problem with your comparison is the strong bias towards the extreme right, which leads me to questioning your own motives and/or apparent lack of knowledge of US/European poitics.

  23. says: Fem

    This media frenzy is known phenomenon to any change in status quo. It is well known that all media are bought and serve only a few. Hats off to AAP for their work and courage!

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