Virbhadra’s son elected Himachal Youth Congress Chief

Shimla: In an absolutely expected outcome and a foregone conclusion Mr Vikram Aditya Singh(24) son of Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and Loksabha MP Pratibha Singh once again got elected as the new Chief of State Youth Congress on Monday.

In a purely one sided contest Vikram Aditya cornered more than half of votes (5514 out of a total of about 10,000 votes) and rest 41 candidates shared the remaining votes. His nearest rival could poll only around 300 votes.

The result is totally on the expected lines since no effective candidate from the rival Congress faction was fighting the elections and wanted to invite the Chief Minister’s wrath.

Vikramaditya in jubilant mood with his supporters after winning the youth congress poll
Vikramaditya in jubilant mood with his supporters after winning the youth congress poll

Mr Singh’s son who got elected for the second time was disqualified last time by an election monitoring agency FAME (Foundation for Advance Management of Elections), deployed by the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

The rival candidates had alleged that there was no level playing field as compared to some high profile candidates and the common youth could hardly spend and use resources like these wards of political bigwigs. The NGO, FAME in a swift action had unseated Vikram Aditya and had debarred him from fighting the next elections also in 2011.

By throwing his candidature again this year the Chief Minister had invited criticism from his own party men for promoting his son at the cost of hundreds of other struggling youth in the party.

Former party General Secretary and spokesman of PCC, Mr Kuldeep Rathore had openly requested him to restrain from letting his son fight the youth congress presidentship. Who would dare to vote against the son of a Chief Minister and a Loksabha MP, asked Rathore, while questioning the democratic content in such organisational elections?

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KY Singh is a political observer and a senior journalist with an interest in a diverse set of issues related to Himachal Pradesh and other mountain states. He lives in Shimla.

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