Top 7 Reasons Why India should Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a hot topic and one of the most interesting drugs to talk about. While no one can deny how bad opiates like heroine are, the debate about the dangers of marijuana, is much more lively. Some people think that it is as bad as heroine and cocaine and should be banned at all costs. But if you do just a little bit of research you’ll find that this is not the case.

India should Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Read these 7 reasons in favor of legalizing medical marijuana and you might change your mind.

7. Marijuana is not as Addictive as Tobacco and Alcohol

It has been scientifically proven that marijuana is not physically addictive. The only addiction that can occur is a psychological addiction after prolonged use. Meanwhile alcohol and tobacco are much more addictive. Just a few cigarettes are enough to get you hooked and once you get addicted it is very hard to quit. Both tobacco and alcohol are legal despite being much more addictive and harmful. The only reason a joint is considered harmful is because of the tobacco present in it. Vaporized marijuana doesn’t cause any harm to the lungs or body.

6. Marijuana is not as Harmful as Tobacco, Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

Another scientific fact is that marijuana is not as harmful as tobacco and alcohol. It is not toxic and to overdose on marijuana you’d need to smoke 15,000 joints in 20 minutes which is physically impossible to do. At that level even water can be toxic. Meanwhile tobacco and alcohol contain known poisons and carcinogens. They cause millions of deaths all around the world. Even prescription drugs contain a lot of toxic substances and you can easily overdose on everyday medicines such as sleeping pills or aspirin. Thousands of people die because of prescription drug side effects and overdose. How many people die each year due to marijuana? Zero!

5. Marijuana has Many Medical Benefits

Marijuana has a lot of benefits in dealing with many medical conditions. Research has shown that over 200 medical conditions can see beneficial results from the use of medical marijuana. Those suffering from terminal diseases have found a lot of improvement in their standard of life with the use of medical marijuana. The medical companies don’t want cheap homegrown marijuana to be legalized and instead would like to sell you the same compound, THC, in the form of pills that they can market and control. Marijuana has been used in many cultures around the world, including our own, to deal with many medical problems.

4. Not Legalizing Marijuana Helps Criminal Gangs

There is a vast illegal industry of marijuana that operates all around the world. These criminal gangs earn loads of money by dealing in marijuana and then move on to more dangerous drugs and other crimes. By legalizing marijuana this black market can be eliminated almost completely. That’s one less income stream for the criminals.

3. Legalized Marijuana Can be Controlled and Regulated

Right now anyone can buy illegal marijuana from the black market. It is easily available in a lot of Indian towns. It is even more readily available in villages. This means that teenagers can access it easily. But if it was legalized it could be controlled and regulated. Like cigarettes it could be made illegal to sell to a minor. In the end it is still a mind altering drug and no one advocates that children should be allowed to use it.

2. Marijuana Industry Will Create Jobs

A whole new industry will be formed by legalizing marijuana. The current illegal industry will be replaced by a legal industry that will create new jobs and help in the economy. This factor alone might not sound enough of an argument but if you combine it with the facts mentioned above it makes complete sense. Why can we have a legal tobacco industry that kills millions of people every year but not a legal marijuana industry that won’t kill even 1% of that?

1. Marijuana Industry Will Bring in Money for the Government

And finally, if the government still has any qualms they should consider how much money they can earn in the form of taxes. They continue to increase sales tax on tobacco to earn more money. They hide behind social welfare to do this by applying the faulty logic that costlier cigarettes will reduce the number of smokers. They can earn almost the same amount of money by creating a legal marijuana industry and then taxing the hell out of it.

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Aditya Thakur is an ex marine engineer who quit his sailing career to pursue his dreams of being a writer. Now he freelances, blogs and writes short stories all day long.

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  1. says: Indian social network

    Atleast states with tourism as major industry can legalize marijuana on an experimental basis.. they can begin with goa i think.

  2. says: Saraswata Datta

    Exactly.! Well written.! I hope this happens soon in India. One more thing is that most of the black market dealers in big cities sell spiked and poor grade pot, and the chemicals in it can make people sick.

  3. says: guru_61

    Since the said item has found many medicinal values.So it is high time our Indian goverment can consider for legalising and regulating production and selling.It can be a revenue for the goverment as the illegal trading will come down largely and parents of many children affected with terminal diseases can go for it.

  4. says: Vaibhav dangwal

    Guys. My dad is suffering due to blepharospasm, a neurological disorder which causes uncontrolled spasm of eyes – causing them to close. He has quit driving, riding, reading, and most of his activities. ( This link says that medical marijuana may provide relief. How can I get medical marijuana in india ?
    We have tried everything, but relief is just temporary. It is getting worse.

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