Mr. Kejriwal – Beware of ‘chamchas, chelas and cronies’

Anil Ambani, chairman of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) once famously echoed his father’s teachings to the RIL employees saying “Watch out for the 3Cs – chamchas, chelas and cronies’.” Unquestionably, one must watch out for the trio as it can easily turn out to be the raison d’être for a fatal fall when you begin appearing contented at top.

Nonetheless, what’s the purpose to discuss 3Cs; it’s neither a discussion about Philip Kotler’s marketing fundas nor a daily briefing from a religious guru on how to lead a pure and purposeful life. Actually, it’s all about the newly formed political unit Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), its revolutionary nationalist premier Arvind Kejriwal and his tribe of ‘chamchas’.

With canvassing from different political units for forthcoming Delhi Assembly polls running on full swing, the national capital is all colored in the election mood.

AAP1The new kid on the block is not far behind as well. AAP, with its battery of ardent volunteers (the number is increasing each day) is making every ball count. With as huge a following as Arvind Kejriwal’s and almost every second ‘aam aadmi’ (more women than men) swearing by his name, AAP seems to be going gung-ho in the very first year of its birth. So, the results for Delhi Assembly elections will certainly proffer tonnes of surprises this time around.

Yet, nothing is over till the fat lady sings. Although, AAP has a sure shot mass support in its kitty, its very own assets (volunteers) can easily spoil the party even before it begins – a perfect case of ‘Assets turning into liabilities.’

But, if all’s well that ends well then how could volunteers push ‘AAP’ into a dark well?

‘Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely,‘ a well known saying that has repeatedly confirmed its meaning many a time over the decades. For no different reasons AAP’s volunteers are not dissimilar.

Undoubtedly, AAP is in possession of the most committed and hard working workers. But, at the same time, we must not forgot that majority of them are very young (or too old) and too inexperienced to taste success and ‘poison’ of power (remember the sermon from Rahul Gandhi’s mother) this early.

Strengthened up with a confidence (or over – confidence) of latching upon major number of seats in the upcoming Assembly polls in Delhi, this exaggerated belief seems to be going too deep into their heads (not all, must say). Even Pandavas with all their might and Lord Krishna by their side were apprehensive about their victory for most part of the Mahabharata war.

While some of the senior workers are busy in increasing proximity with the AAP candidates who are most sure to come out in winning colors post polls, others leave no opportunity in boasting about Arvind Kejriwal’s confidence in them publicly. You can easily spot some common faces in almost every picture standing right next to Arvind Kejriwal while the deserving candidates are found cooling their heels in the isolated corners. AAP

The classic example is the recently concluded public meeting at ‘Swaraj Bhawan’ (AAP office) on 23rd September, at 41 Hanuman Marg in Connaught Place. Arvind Kejriwal is contesting elections form New Delhi constituency.

While Kejriwal and his team were busy attending to the problems of common man of the area, some of the volunteers outside the office were playing a game of their own.

Considering huge rush of people getting lined up outside the main entrance, appointment slips were handed out to them.

However, as the sun grew harsh, people started approaching some of the volunteers for easy access and with in no time many of them even managed an out-of-turn entry, much to the dismay of ‘aam aadmi’ (and aurat as well) standing there.

When rush began to increase inside the main office the foremost leader of the party lost his cool and vented his anger publicly on his volunteers. Surely, this didn’t appease the offenders (people bypassing the queue) and they rushed out showing open displeasure against Kejriwal and his party.

Thereafter, a young man in his later twenties or early thirties arrived on the scene with a shirt properly tucked in and pants worn as high touching his Adam’s apple accompanied with replica Rayban sunglasses which were struggling to find a balance on his bony face.

He began mouthing his anger against the gross injustice dished out to him by the party’s screening committee by not accepting his candidature from his constituency. He accused party of letting him down despite lending more than 9 month of self-less service.

Pacifying the wannabe MLA of his area and sending him away, the senior volunteer of AAP who proclaimed to be the closest to Kejriwal among all the volunteers present on the spot, turned towards me describing the situation. “Bhai sahab aap hi bataiye, khud kiraye ke makan mein rehta hai aur banna hai MLA. Abhi pucha ki vote to dega na party ko tau bolta sochunga”.

Mistaking for another volunteer he asked me to come away from the crowd as he feared some news reporter may catch hold of his serous talk.“Jo aadmi is bar hamari constituency se chunav lar rha hai usne pichle kitne elections mein BJP aur Congress dono ke candidates asani se jitwa diye. To batao kya is bar wo na jitega?  Ek bari mein 30 gadiyan khadi kar de wo.”

This was a shocker in a sense. A party boasting about its no-nonsense attitude against corruption comprises of volunteers (a few black sheep in the herd) which believe in the same ideology as the Congress and BJP when it comes to winning elections.

And mind you, one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel.

Then there were three young men waiting eagerly to meet the leader. However, after spending fair amount of time waiting, they too began grumbling out their displeasure.

As per them, it was them, who organized a huge function in their area (West Delhi) and invited AAP supremo as the chief guest some weeks back. But sycophants of Kejriwal hijacked the whole show and sidelined them entirely, shamefully snatching away the honors.

“Bhaiya (Kejriwal) ko in chamchon se hoshiyar rehne ki zaroorat hai varna sab barbad ho jayega”.

Well, it certainly matters how good your intentions are but it’s also imperative who all your accomplices in the war are. Considering sympathetic pro-Kejriwal wave in Delhi (even posh south Delhi colonies are not untouched by it) it’s a probability, some crooks take an easy entry into the party while the real heroes keep facing constant overlook.

Arvind Kejriwal must come out of the cocoon knitted by some of the cunning brains around him and start interacting more with the ‘aam aadmi’ for whom he took a crusade against the corrupt system. Or, he will only be confined to a fool’s paradise by the 3 Cs; similar to what Sonia and Modi are. In actuality, these are the real men, who shout loudly on the streets of Delhi under burning sun – “bharasthachar ka ek hi kaal….Kejriwal Kejriwal”.

A mechanical engineering graduate with a post graduation in marketing and sales, Ashish has combined professional experience of more than 4 years. Ashish is a great fan of Martin Scorsese. He loves to write poetry in his spare time. He lives in Shimla.

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  1. says: Cpy

    Such behaviour is a real turn off. Need to train these volunteers to behave. No doubt those that stand by AAP have good intentions.

  2. says: rahul

    There must be some fixed criteria for slelecting the candidates for elections.
    Its also fact that everybody can not be treated so nicely as this is not a professional party of deplomats,so people also have to keep this in mind.they must be given a chance to proove themselves.

  3. says: jobin

    When you are at war, the shirt will get dirty. So many hours wasted on this article. Pls read Swaraj again and spread its word in manners more than many

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