Tree Plantantion Drive


Mandi: Students of Mandi Public School were taken on a nature tour by My Himachal and Censud to Dhuma Devi, a famous religious place on top of a hill near Mandi.

Students were educated about flora and fauna of the area and the importance to conserve it.

Praveen Sharma told students about importance of plants in our ecology and how important is it for us to maintain green cover on our planet which has a distinction of being the only green planet in this whole universe. He further said that trees can survive without us but we can not survive without trees and they become more important in view of the Climate Change concerns because of increasing green house gases. So at the same time we need to lower our carbon foot prints and consume energy judiciously.

Afterwards students enthusiastically planted various medicinal plants such as aamla, jamun, harad, behda so that they not only provide green cover but also  supplement income of the local population. Members of the local youth club were also present on this occasion and they assured to take care of the planted trees as the plants have a low survival rate due to forest fires and grazing. 

In collaboration with WWF India, My Himachal and Censud will organise state level World Wetland Day at Rewalsar on 2nd February.

Students from about 10 schools will collect waste in the area surrounding the Rewalsar lake and will be told how to segregate biodegradable waste from non-biodegradable waste. Rewalsar is an important religious place for Hindu, Sikhs and Budhists which has been under threat due to increasing pollution in and around the lake.  Leaders from all the religions will be present on this occasion who will tell about importance of water and wetlands.






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  1. says: Ravinder Makhaik

    That indeed is noble work by trying to inculcate sensitivity towards the environment we live in.

    Planting trees is planting a future, so that we may be able to pass on a greener and cooler place for the generations to come.

    Keep it up guys.

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