Himachal’s promising youth Activist nominated as election observer in Ghana

Shimla: Repeated achievements of Sarika Katoch have memorized the name in everyones mind. Today, again she is a news-maker with her nomination as an election observer for Presidential elections in Ghana.

“I am representing 53 countries of the World Commonwealth, where I will observe the three part election scenario i.e. pre-elction, main-election and post-election and submit the report to Commonwealth,” she revealed while talking to My Himachal.

The observation of elections is one way in which the Commonwealth Secretariat works to strengthen democracy. Observer Groups are asked to consider the various factors impinging on the credibility of the electoral process as a whole and to make a judgement whether or not the elections have been conducted according to the standards for democratic elections to which the country has committed itself, making reference to national election-related legislation and relevant regional, Commonwealth and other international commitments. Each Group’s report also contains practical recommendations to help improve electoral arrangements for the future.

Last Saturday Sarika was notified about her nomination and on this Saturday, 29.11.2008, evening she is flying to Ghana from Delhi. Scheduled a stay of seventeen days, Sarika will return to India on 17th, December 2008.

Here, self motivated and strong willed ‘Youth Star’ is seen working in the remote area of Dehra Gopipur, Kangra, where “I was trying to make people understand that HIV Victims should be treated with dignity and respectfully. As in this village people were abusing a HIV+ family,” she said.

Don’t miss to read her inspiring interview on My Himachal.

Raised in Shimla and originally from Mandi district, Disha wears many caps which includes being part of a lead team of a fast growing IT company based out of Chandigarh. Earlier Disha was associated with My Himachal and visits Shimla regularly.

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    YES! i have stil remember of dt, in jan08 when she was in(nain pukhar) a village in dehra, here she stayed for two days with an HIV+ family. she was concerned about d family’s economical and living condition because d only earning hand of d family was died of AIDS and he had left behind his widow with two children all HIV+. the family was to live in d state of fear because of villagers -ve attitude. she told me dt even school teachers were not ready to take d childeren in school, she not only met with teachers and make them aware of their duties and responsibilities but also counsulted the villagers about AIDS. Next day sarika took this lady with herself to dharamsala,here she met with some concerned authorities and discuussed the matter at her level,with the help of govt. she succeed to allot books for these children and basic expenses for there education, and brought ds family in IRDP quota.( WOW……INDEED……..AN EXCELLENT JOB). she is my school/college/NCC mate, whenever i finds the opportunity to meet her, she discusses and i learn many things from her. i have seen a great committment and devotion for work in her. Really she is an optimistic and confident youth of india. i m proud of her.

  2. says: Kamal Thakur

    Sarika is doing a wonderful job. I wish she brings more laurels to the state.

    Spreading goodwill and brotherhood has been one of my fundamental priorities. When I see others like Sarika actually doing these things it fills my heart with joy.

    Thanks Myhimachal for letting us know this. Keep us abreast with similar news and information.

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