A word with multi-talented Abhinav Vats

A costume designer, an artist, an arts and crafts educator, the introduction isn’t enough when it comes to Abhinav Vats, a Delhi university art graduate, for he has tried his hands at almost everything. My Himachal gets down to talk to this talented fellow about his work, art and life.

Neha-Tell us something about your life!
Abhinav-Good question! I feel its more important to know about other’s lives more then one’s own life, everytime I feel I have learnt it all, life comes up with yet another question to be answered, another path to be followed and more to be learned. When we look at others lives, especially the ones who are lesser fortunate, we learn more about patience, perseverance and dignity of human life. I was born in an army household, my dad was one of the finest, honest and bravest Indian army officers of his time, recognised and awarded, mother-an artist herself and a beautifull home maker. It was lovely growing up in all those British army cantonments, in the hills, in Himalayas, no religious divisions, no differences-growing up as an army kid was really a great experience!

Neha-What got you interested in arts?
Abhinav-Ever since I was 5 or 6 years old, I used to make Gods and Goddesses on rough paper, back of copies and books, novels! When in class 6th, as a kid, my dad got me a big poster and paints, I painted the dam on river chenab in the Himalayas that we had visited. That was all just the beginning.

Neha-How do you define the word ‘art’?
Abhinav-Art really is undefinable! Art is omnipresent-it’s evrywhere, in the smallest of things. One can say that the other name of art is creativity, even creating a little thing such as a scribble or a new dish, or a new way to put your saree, a new way to mow the lawn or a different way to greet friends, everything that suddenly changes is art! Art is in nature,in mankind,in everything, it’s all around us, it is within us. The body cells keep growing and that is an art in itself.

Neha-What inspires you?
Abhinav-God ,nature and various thoughts that work in my head subconsiously, somtimes an event or a cause. Anything that effects me inspires me consiously or subconsiously.

Neha-You have been involved in a lot of social work down the years, what motivated you?
Abhinav-What motivated was and still does is the souls, cry of the ones who have been tortured, discriminated, harrased, poor, troubled yet through it all they smile! Those who have not been treated as equals and are still not, I feel for them naturally. I try and help in little ways, to see them smile more.

Neha-What words come into your mind for Himachal Pradesh?
Abhinav-Divinty, divine strength, beauty, purity, soul, love-these are the words that I can relate Himachal with.

Neha-Do you visit Himachal often? What places have you been to?
Abhinav– I have visited Himachal quite often, Shimla, Solan, Baru sahib, Dalhousie, Yole, Dharamsala, Ponta sahib. These are the places I have been to could be, forgetting some names. I wish to see more places in Himachal.

Neha-You have been a freelance fashion designer, columnist, artist!
Abhinav– I am primarily an artist and have had an experience of 5-6 years as a fashion designer, I do design now as well. For an year I wrote a column on fashion in Jaipur city-Hindustan Times.

Neha-What fuels your fire?
Abhinav-God and now my soulmate.

Neha-Your biggest dream?
Abhinav-To attain moksha.

Neha-Your biggest acheivement till date?
Abhinav-I feel my good fortune in getting connected to people of the world is a big achievment, wherever I have been to in India, Nepal, South Africa, Spain, Canada. I have learnt a lot form local people, interacted and made good friends with them. Learnt a lot about local customs, arts and architecture and it only helps me realise we are all the same. And all connected that’s a good achievement I wish it grows more and more.

Neha-Any message for the budding artists?
Abhinav-Just follow your heart and not money, when money seeps in art! It becomes commercial and that’s when it loses its message, the themes and thoughts that an artist pours on a canvas or paper should be devoid of financial motives.

Neha-Whats next in line?
Abhinav-More paintings I hope and looking into a possible enhancement of my educational qualification. Also, the photographer in me has become quite strong since the last few years, I am experimenting with photography majorly and would want to click Himachal soon.

Neha-Are you planning to visit Himachal again or do something here?
Abhinav-Yes, absolutely would be visiting soon, I would like to conduct my arts and crafts workshops with good schools, who are open to this idea of an artist taking arts, workshop in Himachal Pradesh. It would be an oppurtunity to be back in my favorite state.

Neha-Your life’s mantra?
Abhinav-Listen to your soul, its the kindest, purest and is the voice of God.

Neha-Do you plan to exhibit your works in the near future?
Abhinav-I hope so, yes, maybe somwhere in Himachal, at the moment I am looking into conducting my workshop with some college or school in Himachal. I am open to any kind of inquiries on the same. I have my home-studio in Gurgoan, where I have my works for exhibition and selling purposes as well.

Abhinav can be contacted at
[email protected]
[email protected]

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  1. says: Ramsés Giovanni

    A great interview with a great artist. His paintings speak in different layers in different ways.

  2. says: PumaSue

    I really enjoyed this great article on my friend Abhinav.
    I know him through flickr, where he has so many great photos!
    I learned a lot more about him here in this interview. I feel happy.
    My favorite quote from Abhinav was when he listed his life’s mantra:
    “Listen to your soul, its the kindest, purest and is the voice of God.”
    Beautiful and so true.

  3. says: Lakh

    Abhinav is a great soul and great artist. His colour sense and grace is so obvious in his very artistic work,whatever it may be. Great Person,keep it going Friend!

  4. says: Debbie

    I am proud to say that I know Abhinav. He is a wonderful, caring soul. He has changed my life & beliefs by his talks with me.
    I enjoy his work, his photography, his art. And his drive. He is very driven and that is what counts!
    Much love Abhinav!!
    Debbie 😉

  5. says: Lorena lorytravel4ever

    I very appreciate the work of my friend Abhinav.
    His works speak of your heart and your soul.
    I knew him on Flickr, the best photo site. His stream is a place of peace.
    Namaste Abhinav. Peace and light.

  6. says: Lakh

    Abhi is a great talented and graceful artist.You will go Far Abhi, your work speaks of your gentleness and beauty. Glad you are doing what you love … .keep it going n success is yours to enjoy.. cheers

  7. says: Gerry

    Great definition of art, Mr Abhinav!
    I feel that one of the greatest parts of YOUR art is your own outlook, your personality and caring nature. I’m glad people are listening to you!

  8. says: sonia

    very honest interview, i say so, becasue i know abhinav very well…. its not just an interview, he was pouring is heart out about how he feels.
    Abhi you are a Great soul.

    lots of love

  9. says: Stefaan Christopher Hublou

    Good to listen & read words from a man that is so connected and oriented to the divine.

    I have been impressed by his open interest in Buddha before. And by some of his pictures.
    Flickr Photo Sharing is a place where people from all over the world meet.
    This man is one of the finest I have come across there.

    Leuven, Belgium

    (I loved the part on the youth, the good father, mother… 😉

  10. says: dimitris- giovdim

    i love Abhinav’s artIstic work and his intresting point of view for Life.
    I wish him good continuation, inspitation and creativity.

  11. says: Ajit A. Satam

    Abhinav (Lotus) takes some really cool pictures. His thinking seems to be very clear. He knows where he wants to go, thats great. I will wish all the best in his efforts to reach his goal. Thanks to flickr i was able to meet this artist.
    Keep it up Abhinav.
    Take care.

  12. says: Mettamomma

    I am an admirer of Abhinav’s photography, which I follow on flickr.com. I appreciated how this interview allowed me to getting to know more about his spiritual perspective.

    Louise ( mettamomma on flickr)

  13. says: Khnumhotep

    Congrats, Abhinav, on a very sharp and interesting
    interview. Keep up the great work.
    (It would be good to see more of those fabulous
    paintings here).

  14. says: william maley


  15. says: Frits

    Very interesting interview if you want to know Abhinav better. I know him from his interesting pictures at Flickr. He is an independent, creative, inspirational and sensible soul.

  16. says: Nishant

    Great that’s all i can figure out to say for Abhi,
    thank you for……sharing bits about yourself Abhi..Pleasure to have you as contact and friend

  17. says: Abhinav Vats

    Dhunyavaad(Thank you) everyone for all your kind comments,i am especially thankful to ‘himachal.us’ for having given me the opportunity to talk about my work through this respectable forum.

  18. says: Tó Lobato

    Interesting interview and i can know Abhinav better especially as an artist. I met him somewhere in the flickr…since then I am fascinated with his photography. Now I can confirm Abhi is a wonderful, sensitive and generous person. Thank you for all your inspirations.

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