Government’s 100 Days Of ‘Bluff And Bluster’ – Virbhadra Singh

Shimla: Terming the 100 days of the BJP government as disappointing, full of bluff and buster, former chief minister Virbhadra Singh stated that the new government was busy victimizing employees by transferring them while the people were suffering from high prices of essential goods.

He said that governance had taken a back seat, hollow announcements were being made and a thousand inquiries have been launched.

The former chief minister said that BJP government has instituted inquires over frivolous matters and was attempting to throttle the voice of the opposition. “Nobody is afraid of him,” he said

The 100 days rule of BJP has been nothing but political vendetta and about hollow claims and achievements, stated Virbhadra. The new government appeared to suffering from ‘Virbhadra phobia’ with chief minister Dhumal still in a euphoric state and not prepared to face ground realities, he added.

He claimed that the increase of annual plan size from Rs 2100 crore to Rs 2400 crore had been negotiated by the previous government and it was the early announcement of elections that stalled its finalization in time.

The new government was taking credit for policies promulgated by the congress government, he stated. Enhancing daily wages to Rs 100, increasing social security pensions was part of our agenda and had been announced in the 2007-08 budget, claimed Virbhadra. The completed schemes being inaugurated was part of the work done by our government. The Dhumal government was even taking credit for extension of the rural employment scheme (NREGA) which was announced by the UPA government.

While launching the National Rural Employment Scheme throughout the state, the chief minister did not even acknowledge the contribution of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or the UPA government for it, said Virbhadra Singh

He alleged that the regionalism and casteism had cropped its head again. The Dhumal government was planning to close down 148 schools that had been notified by the previous government. He also said the process of recruiting school and college lecturers that was initiated by the previous government had been cancelled and was sanctioned again for merely take political credit.

“The government needs to move beyond inquiries, transfers and inquiries and provide good governance,” he said. “No other government has lost its popularity as quickly as the Dhumal government,” stated Virbhadra Singh.

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