Kotkhai Himachal’s minute heaven

The beauty of the flower is unfolded slowly and steadily as it turns from a bud to a flower. Like wise, the beauty of Himachal Pradesh is incomplete in its first glance. To know, appreciate and enjoy Himachal i

t has to be explored and known thoroughly and Kotkh

ai, situated 70 kms. away from Shimla is an ideal destination to feel the real spirit of Himachal.



The place is called Kotkhai due to the palace of the king on the cliff (K

ot – Place, Khai – Cliff). The old palace is situated beautifully

on a cliff with a tributary of Giri Ganga flowing below it. 12 km from
is a village called Kiari. Lus Kotkhai,
A beautiful pond named ‘Dhilon’ is situated in the centre of the forest and believed to be divine by local people. Also all modern amenities are available here, but a major the tourism is not well developed and is compensated by the generous and extremely helpful people who generally shelter people from outside.h green apple orchids,pine trees and a picturesque temple of Godess Mahamai and Lankra Veer are the main attractions here. One can enjoy absolute
tranquility and peace of ‘Nera-Ghati’ and the ‘Kiala Forest’.

Every month and season had its own specialty here, so a visit at any time of the year will give you maximum satisfaction. The nearest rest house is Murti Guest House in Kothai and Hotel Apple Crown at Dumehar.



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  1. says: ashok sharma

    I was born in Himachal but have been living in USA over 30 years now working as Electronics Engineering Manager with NASA. I am interested in exploring use of renewable energies such as solar, wind, water purification technologies in Himachal. Also interested in buying a bungalow with few acres for growing ayurvedic and herbal medicines-
    Would like to get comments and feedback on these ideas-

    ashok sharma

    1. says: satya prakash

      what kind ol land and zone would you like to have for banglow and herbal garden. which part of state do you like. very glad to know that you have good position in NASA, wish you do better and attain more heights.

    2. says: sreekrishna

      hello sir,
      i have seen your idea of herbal medicine and ayrvedic plants.We are establishing a company for cultivation and extraction of medical and commercial value ingredients from the herbal plants,for this we are going to purchase land and also establish manufacturing facility , i would like to know your interest.


  2. says: POOJA

    i was born there. I regularly visit the place bt its been quite sum time that i cudn’t go. Its truly divine seeing the simplicity and serenity of the place.

  3. says: Ravi

    Himachal is the worderful place in the whole world and with noble heart of its native.

    I am basically from himachal pardesh.

    and I would like to say that everyone must visit once to himachal pardesh in his lifecycle

  4. says: Neha Chandok

    Nityin, here are a few options that we came to know about—

    HPTDC’s chanshal Hotel, Rohru-tariff Rs . 800 – 900. Telephone : 01781 240661!

    Other options are available around Kotkhai like at Rampur bushehar (some 3-4 hours away)

    Hotel Bushehar regency–tariff : rs 750 -1750-teleophone – 01782 223103

    (telephone numbers are liable to change. )

    Would let you know if we come across any more info!

  5. says: NITYIN

    Hi Neha

    I guess Rohru is further 80 km from Kotkhai and Rampur would be far off from Kotkhai for sure. The nearest HPTDC hotel I guess is at Kharapathar. I am looking for info on staying options in Kotkhai and Kyari area. There must be a few homestays available. May be some members from the area can tell about these.

  6. says: Neha Chandok

    Hi Nityin…

    The nearest rest house is Murti Guest House in Kothai and Hotel Apple Crown at Dumehar.(Tel: 01783-255894, 255497;Tariff: Rs 220-350)

    Still no info on Homestays, Will let you know!

  7. says: bharatkumar mehta

    I want to buy some land in this area to enjoy heaven in my retired life. But being a non himachali, I need local help . My plans are to do farming activity as I am a farmer in Gujarat.

    Suggestion or guidance in this regards is highly needed and welcome…

  8. says: Lokesh Chauhan

    Kotkhai is a very beautiful place. it is definitely not explored from tourism point of view. Ghyal area is very beautiful from geographical point of view. Weather is moderate in all different seasons. Beautiful view of nature can be enjoyed at Nerha Ghati, Bajoha Ghat, Mahasu and Baghi hills etc. It is holy place which consists many ancients temples of Devi and Devta. Devta Bendra is the most worshed Devta in Kotkhai. Main Buautiful Temple of Devta Bendra is located at Deori at a Distance of 7 KM from Kotkhai. Godess Mahamaya and Lankra Bir temple is located at famous village Kiari. Holy river Giri Ganga originating from Kuppar flows beside the Kotkhai town. it is very convenient to approach Kotkhai which is just 55 Km from Shimla. Kotkhai is world famous for apple cultivation. the town is situated on the state highway 10. Famous Tample maa Durga at Hatkoti is about 30 Km. Beautiful natural gifts can be enjoyed at Kharapathar at height of about 2500 meter from msl and about 15 Km from kotkhai. PWD department provides the Rest house facility at Kotkhai which can be booked in advance from office of HPPWD Jubbal. Many private Hotels also provides good facilities.

  9. says: vidur sareen

    my mother’s birth place..
    never ever seen such a beautiful place like kotkhai..
    i miss every moment of here.. when in chandigarh !

  10. says: vivek sharma..

    kotkhai,, ahh such an exotic place.
    Natures beauty at exuberance..
    Lush green hills & beautiful & enticing apple orchards.
    I juzz love my village even when i’m studing here in shanghi..

  11. says: Pawan Chauhan (PADARA)

    Apple Valley Kotkhai and its people are simply amazing. Far from the struggling life of cities people of Kotkhai enjoys every luxury alongwith peace and fresh environment. Rich in its culture and blessings of local deities people of KOTKHAI ROCKSSSSS. I love hills and its culture… JAI DEVTA BENDRA

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