Polythene menace

It is noticed that bread seller sell their bread to consumers for monkey feeding with the cover of polythene in the road side from Chintapurani Barmhai road to Amb/Una road. It is well known that polythene bags are banned in Himachal.

People throw Polythene covers near the road side after feeding the bread and the road gets dirty and filth is created everywhere and due to this monkeys comes in groups to eat them and at times comes under the wheel of vehicles. Here we are making two sins with the nature by polythene and secondly by wild life as killing any wildlife animal is against our laws and nature.

Hence, its requested that the Government and the concerned ministry give it a serious look and completely ban the use of polythene and use paper material instead. There should also be a feeding point near the road side, say a bit away from the busy road and fix some notice board whereby strictly mentioning not to throw bread/food near the road side and use the feeding point.

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  1. says: Dr. S. Paul

    One more common problem that comes is, the consumption of polythene bags with eatables by the domestic animals, especially cows. These create severe digestive disorders in the animals and most of the times, surgical option is the only way to relieve the animals.
    Now the time has come that everybody must think and try to resolve these problems and nobody can say so–It is not my problem, why should I bother??
    A very practical problem concerned with each and every person infact, has been well mentioned and explained in this story.

  2. says: Col ML Ubhan

    experiences of people to stop polythene menace be given which can be of use to others to save the earth and humenbeings from this ugly disease.
    col ml ubhan

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