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Himachali Music - Pahari Music - Pahari Music Instruments - Pahari NatiThis is some rare though incomplete information about folk music in Himachal listed at WebIndia. Also check out some Himachali music audio files at Beat of India. The Himachal folk music is the greatest solace to the poor people living in the remote areas. The Junju Sukrat Bhunkh and Roopshu songs of the Chamba valley, the Mohna of Bilaspur, the Jhoori or Sirmaur, the Laman of Kulu are all rooted in the daily life and rich folk tradition of the area and each has notable features of its own.

Most of the songs require no instrumental accompaniment. The themes are usually common ones like human love and separation of lovers. Some songs are about rituals. Chhinj, Laman, Jhoori, Gangi, Mohana and Tappe are love songs. Dholru is a seasonal song. Bare-Haren are ballads about warriors, Soohadiyan are songs sung at Childbirth. Losi and Pakkahad and Suhaag songs are all family songs, Karak are songs of praise in honour of the deities and Alhaini is a song of mourning. All these songs follow a specific style of singing and the geographical facts have a deep effect on these.

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The songs are sung in unison and the singer decides how and which way the notes and syllables are to be pronounced. They make changes in lines and substitute or replace words.

Jhoori– The word means a lover or a beloved and is said to be connected with Jhoomar. Jhoomar is a female dance form. Both men and women sing and dance to Jhoori. It is a dance performed in the open and describes extra-marital love. It is very popular in Sirmaur and Mahasu areas and has a special rhythm of its own. Each piece has four lines and the last syllable in the first line is pronounced in a drawn-out fashion. The Jhoori songs place a great importance on the rhyming pattern within the song.

Laman- Laman singing is popular in the Kulu valley. These songs sing of the romantic love between men and women. The first line is only for rhyming with the second and it is the second line which furthers the theme. Syllables like Oa, Aa form the ‘Tek’ or the note which is prolonged at the end of the line. These syllables help the singers establish a certain resonance and a definite rhythmic pattern.The Samskara songs (sung at family festivals and other such occasions) are based upon classical Ragas. These songs are sung by women from the higher castes in the morning and at night time. Some of the morning songs have traces of Raga Asa in them. The songs sung at wedding are set in old Ragas like Durga, Malkauns and Bhoopali.The Jhanjhotis are based on Ragas like Bindrabani Sarang, Durga, Tilang and Des. The martial songs have combined traces of Asa and Durga. The Gidda songs are in Raga Durga. The songs sung by professional singers have very attractive classical overtones.

The famous love-lyrics in Himachal areas are Phulmu-Ranjhu, Kunju-Chanchalo and Raja-Gaddan. the Phulmu-Ranjhu lyric tells of a tragic episode. In Kunju-Chanchalo the song takes the form of a conversation between the lover and his sweetheart. The Raja-Gadden song records the wooing of gaddan Nokhu by Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra.

There are also songs which recall some important historical events like the sacrifice of Rani Suhi for a public cause, like bringing drinking water to Chamba town. The song called Sukrat is soulfully rendered and depicts the great story of the sacrifice of the Rani, famous for her feeling of love for the people and her deep human sympathy for them. Another tragic story telling the love of a brother who takes upon himself the blame for the murder his brother committed and thereby goes to the gallows in Bilaspur is depicted in one of the saddest song called Mohana.

Ceremonial lyrics such as Bhayi, Suhag, Suhagare and Vidayi are sung on special occasions like birth, betrothal and marriage. Seasonal song like Chhinj are sung only in Chaitra (March).

Ainchaliyan – Ainchali is a religious ballad. The customs of singing Ainchali in the house of the bride is common among the farming communities. In this the men-folk go to the houses of the married couples and sing these romantic Ainchali songs to the beat of drums or platters of pictures. The women sing these songs in the house of the unmarried girl. In these songs, incidents from the marriage of gods like Shiva and Rama are sung with great gusto.

In the Chamba-Pangi areas, the professional singers go from village to village with a khanjari (tambourine) and play on these as they sing. They also use string puppets. They sing traditional songs from Ramayana and Mahabharata. In the month of Chaitra, the Doms and Domanis go from house to house and sing Dholaru songs to the people.

Himachali Music - Pahari Music - Pahari Music Instruments - Pahari NatiMUSICAL INSTRUMENTS- A variety of drums are used in the Himachal area. Drums like Dhol, Dholku, Dolki, Nagara, Dammama, Damanght, Nagarth, Gajju, Doru, Hudak and Dhaunsa are some of them. In the Kinnaur, Lahaul, Pangi, Sirmaur and Kulu areas, drums of different shapes and sizes are played at different festivals. These are stored with great care in holy spots like temples, Gompas and Madhis. Before they are played, flowers, turmeric paste and rice is offered unto them and prayers are chanted. In the plains large drums known as ‘Tamaka’ are played at fairs. People belonging to the Bharai community perform the ritual playing of this drum at the fair site and then all the young ones sing and dance together to the beat of these drums. Playing upon these, signals the beginning of a fair or a festival.Among the Gaddis small round drums known as Dafale are played at weddings. These are slung round the necks of the players and rhythms like Dhamal and Lahauli are played upon these.These drums are made with locally available material.

Himachali Music - Pahari Music - Pahari Music Instruments - Pahari NatiTheir shapes and the methods of playing upon them reflects local traditions. The Dhol of Kulu, the Damangtu and Nagartu of Sirmaur are all played differently in the tribal areas. As soon as the drums sound the entire community gathers together and loses itself in lusty singing and dancing. Earlier the Baren (martial ballads) of Ram Singh Pathania were sung to the accompaniment of Dafale by singers known as Adavale. These songs are sung in the Sirmaur area. The largest of the drums is Dhaunsa which is played standing. Tung Yung is a similar instrument.Rana Singha, Karnal, Turhi and Flute or Bishudi, Algoja (twin flutes), Shehnai or Peepni are popular wind instruments. The flute is favourite of shepherds and weary travelers.

Rana Singha, Shehnai and Been are usually played at wedding and on auspicious occasions. At the time of the ritual puja at the temples, Rana Singha, Karnal, Conch shells and Shehnai are played. These instruments accompany the processions of gods at festivals. In the Lahaul-Spiti areas in Granyang and Jumang and Mahasu some ancient musical instruments like Kindari can be heard.

Pahari Music InstrumentsPercussion instruments like Jhanjh (large cymbals), Manjira (small cymbals), Chimta (tongs). Ghanta (gongs), Ghariyal (large gong), Thali (platter), Ghunghru (bells), Kokatha Murchang (a stringed instrument played with a bow with bells) are quite popular in folk dramas like Jagarata, Bhagat and Kariyala etc. During the singing of Ainchali or Jagaratas a pitcher is placed upon a platter and played with an iron bangle. On such occasions, wooden castanets (Khadtal) and bells are also used.Ektara, Kindari Davatra, Gramyang or Rabab, Sarnagi, Jumang and Ruman are some stringed instruments, commonly used by professional singers. The folk singers of the Chamba valley known as Ghurai sing to the accompaniment of cymbals. Gramyang, Rumals, Jumang are tribal instruments of the Lahaul and Kinnar areas.

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  1. I m from Nadaun of Distt. Hamirpur i also like himachali songs naties, but now a days we are ignoring our culture singers are totally professional not cultural they are singing that which they can sell in other words nudity or hot spicy models which have no cloths or very less so we have to worry about this and to promote our cultural songs and to support humanity of Paharies.

  2. says: Dhiraj Chauhan

    I really miss solan .. this is beautiful place .. Its my motherland . And I like himachli folk specially Nati and Gidda .

    I am in Pune woring in Infosys .

  3. says: sachin sharma

    dear all,me sachin sharma 4m dist. hamirpur. currently iam in ggn in a bpo i always mis my home town. it good to see that all of us lov very much our state and its culture we should also be proud being himachli.

  4. says: aarti verma

    heyo ol….wowww comes out when see same community ppl around///
    me also frm hamirpur//i have been in delhi since i am born bt still i visit himachal every year as our ancestors are still dr in peace…..

  5. says: Deepak Mehra

    Dear all Himachalis,

    My deep feeling in the heart says, “I proud to be a Himachali”. I belong to Kangra valley. The valley of beautiful flowers, almighty Dhauladhar Range, the valley of most beautiful Cricket Stadium of the world, the valley of Education, etc., lot more attractions and achievements in this state.
    You can visit http://music.cooltoad.com/music/category.php?id=10398 to download Pahari Songs free. Thanks.

  6. says: Ajay

    नमस्कार ! मेरा नाम अजय है और मैं लगभग २५ सालों से होल्लैंड देश में रह रहा हूँ . मेरा मूल स्थान जिला सोलन , हिमाचल है . मेने अपना बचपन और पढाई चंडीगढ़ में की है . मैं अपने सभी हिमाचलीयों से मित्रता का इच्छुक हूँ, खासकरके उनसे जो भारत से बाहर विदेशों में रहते है .
    संपर्क [email protected]

  7. says: MANOJ SHARMA

    Hello every one.

    My self Manoj sharma I am working as a HR manager in delhi and belong to Solan (Arki) I need to Download some latest Pahari Natis can any one give me the link to download the same.

  8. says: vijay verma

    Dear All.

    Its be always my immence pleasure to introduce myself by saying that my name is VJ Verma and i belongs from DEV BHOOMI HIMACHAL.What ever i am today and would be in future because of the values and culture feed to me by my simple and soft himachali parents.my native place Kot khai is the APPLE belt and my father is Apple orchardist .i am working with ambuja cement from the last 4 years as Mechanical Engg. and because of this private job ,i lost frequent contact with my people and with my own culture which is the most pure and simple element of my life. But i decided one day i will definately go back to my village and enjoy rest of life with my own people and culture.i am really fed up from the word like erection ,commissioning ,structure ,spares inventory and thousands of reply to boss and clients mails .it takes almost 5 years to understand me that this is not my place and i am not meant for this .i am himachali and himachal is my only place.If any one feels same like me so plz contact to me at my mail ID or My mobile No.09872940983

    Best Regards and Wishes
    Er.Vijay Verma

    1. says: prashant ranjan

      brother..sometimes to learn something we got to sacrifice n i think u made your past 5 years woth living..so whtever exp n exposure u got…make sure u take it back with u and share it to ur people and apart from ur other plans add something good to ur society… becoz if all of us ( the youth) come ahead we would b able to make our native places enrich and grow up with the world…

      May god bless u..


  9. says: Narender Rana

    my self Narender Kumar Rana From Himachal Pradesh distt KANGRA . Telsil Jaisinghpur “I proud to be a Himachali”. The valley of beautiful flowers, almighty Dhauladhar Range, the valley of most beautiful International Cricket Stadium of Dharamshala in the world, the valley of Education etc. iam realy miss Himachal and all Himachalise.I love my himachal.Currently I’m in Pune (Maharastra) and miss my hometown a lot.

    I Love All Himachalise
    Himachali Dost
    Narender Rana

  10. says: VANDANA SHARMA

    Hello every one.

    My self Vandana Sharma I am working as a Accountant in Dubai and belong to Himachal Pradesh , distt Kangra, teh. Jaisinghpur. I miss jaisinghpur people & beauty of himachal very much. M/S. SHARMA STUDIO is famous photographer in Jaisinghpur . I Like holy mela , dushehra mela in jAISINGHPUR.


  11. Dear all

    There has been a change in the Himachali culture due to globalization and further our youth is not aware of this drastic change ……
    Please save Himachali Nati & folk

  12. says: Maan singh

    I belong to palampur.I am studing in delhi last four month.I like songs of sanjiv Dixit please provide if possible.

  13. says: sandeep

    Hi ,
    I am sandeep from kangra living in Dubai. Wud like to know fellow himachalis living in dubai and also bulit up himachal forum and group for socialising as it is culturally void here in dubai.
    Any like minded himachali can call me @ 050 4563292

  14. says: Suresh kapoor

    Hello to all himachali DIL SE
    myself suresh belongs to baijnath kangra presently serving in BSF at manipur.
    missing someone is one of the most painful things in this world but the biggest pain is that the person you are missing is not thinking of you.
    so yaar kabhi kabhi to yaad kar liya karo
    our state is much better than other states according to my xperience.i miss my dear himachal too much as u all who are staying out of the state.whenever i feel alone and boring i use to listen himachali songs which gives me comfort and happyness. missing my culture as well as my people (Himachali).
    at last i want you all to contribute ur best to improve the status of our himachal as well as INDIA.

    jai bharat and jai himachal
    ygud luck to you all

  15. Hi myself mehar kashyap I am himachali ,belongs to rampur distt. shimla. Our culture is very good it keeps everyone of us to be connected with each other and to live in harmony. our state is most peaceful state. To download pahari himachali nati please visit (www.4shared.com) I have uploaded some beatuful himachali songs. To request for more himachali songs you can send e-mail to ([email protected]) I will do my best to upload song of your request. thanks

  16. says: Kashmir singh

    My self kashmir singh i belong from himachal at mandi (joginder nagar) ‘I LOVE HIMACHAL’ B’Cause it is tourist place and peoples are hard worker
    now i am doing B.Tech in CT GROUP OF INSTITUTION jalandhar in E.C.E
    And I say proudly ‘I am Himachali’

  17. says: Nishant Giri

    Hi friends ! I am Nishant from kullu H.P. .i am a student of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING IN J N GOVT. Engg. COLLEGE SUNDERNAGAR. I like MY STATE & I AM PROUD TO BE A INDIAN & HIMACHALI.

  18. Hey hi to all i m Anil R Bhardwaj from vill Kotlu PO bahina teh Barsar Dist Hamirpur. i like my place n i love it too much n can’t stay anywhere without himachal n want to spend m whole life in himachal. don’t know wht happen to me when i just enter the border of himachal u know some type of butterflies comes in m stomach n i feel real happiness I LOVE IT

  19. says: Pankaj

    I love Himachal Very much.
    coooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t explain in words why
    but love it very much

  20. says: Desh Raj

    (Jai Asha Puri Mata ) I am Desh Raj from Budapest
    I am belong to Village Chaptehar, P.O Jangal beri,Distt Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh. I love my Himachali culture and songs .When I get free I listen Himachali songs and feel some relex. I am proud of my himachal.

  21. says: deepak

    Namsty, I am Depak raghav from Distt. Solan (Dharampur)
    mujhi himachali hony per garv hi our mein himachali sangeet ko pasand karta hu. and I feel that hiamchali snageet is one of the richest music of India.

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