Mani Mahesh Trek

The spectacular view of the Manimahesh lake and temple in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh situated 13000 feet above sea-level. PTI

By Balkrishan Prashar

Manimahesh the holy Kailash  is located at an altitude of 5656 m. Down the foothills at an altitude of 4170 m nestles the scintillating Manimahesh lake. Mount Kailash, believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva, falls in the Bharmour tribal valley of Chamba district. This pilgrimage centre gains importance on two religious occasions, one on the Janamashtami and the other on Radhashtami. Only saints and sages grace the former while people from all walks of life undertake the latter.

Beginning on September 15, the Chhari Yatra in which the holy mace of Lord Shiva is carried to Manimahesh from the 1000-year-old Lakshmi Narayan temple in Chamba town marks the inauguration of this sacred occasion. The devotees reaches Manimahesh lake on September 22 to take the holy dip.

Apart from the religious fervour, the steep hills and pointed crags glowing with crimson light, rippling springs and splashing cascades arrest the sensual consciousness of the travellers.

The Manimahesh yatra becomes more delightful and enjoyable when the devotees sweep into the sprawling Bharmour tribal valley. Located at an altitude of 2195 m, the valley has a cluster of 84 hoary temples popularly known as Bharmour Chourasiâ.

These temples were built as a sequel to the visit of 84 sidhas from Kurukshetra to Manimahesh. While en route to Manimahesh, they were warmly welcomed by the King of the erstwhile Chamba state at its capital Brahmapur (now Bharmour).

The sidhas were pleased with the King’s courtesy and blessed him (as desired by the childless King) with an heir. The blessings worked and the King built these temples in their honour.

The idols in each shrine are dedicated to different deities. However, the Manimahesh temple among them is truly eye-catching.

The oval-shaped Manimahesh lake is 14 km from Hadsar. The distance of 13 km is marked with steep ascent, which has to be inevitably trekked. Here is the tough ordeal for the devotees. With two enchanting deep vales the Baandar Ghatti and Bhairon Ghatti, nature offers the pilgrims a plethora of experiences.

Gauri Kund and Shiv Karotary are two different places, where as the legend has it, the Lord Shiva’s consort, Parvati, and Lord Shiva bathed, respectively, on the Radhastami day. The pilgrims follow the tradition.

On the eve of the holy dip the precincts of Manimahesh lake seething with a large number of devotees, presents a colourful spectacle. On the Radhasthami day, pilgrims take the holy dip amid the chanting of mantras. Thereafter, pilgrims offer prayers to Mount Kailash and make floral offerings at the image of Lord Shiva established on one side of the lake.

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    1. says: raman nayyar

      Boss the is a trek to manimahesh and mansarovar from Kasol in HP via mantalai. Do you have an idea. It goes through Pulga and Khir Ganga i am told. Your reply will be eagerly awaited

  1. says: daljit sharma

    plz tell detailed about yatra when we can start or can it be started in end of june , up to which point we can reach by car from where it started by foot are there medical camps and langar situated at the way

  2. says: Rohit Kumar Singh

    Actual time for trek of Mani Mahesh is after Raksha Bandhan ( ie. on Day of Radha Ashtami). Its a Great tour. Chaurasi Mandir And Bharmani Mata mandir are also of great importance of this tour.

  3. main lagatar siz years se manimahesh yatra par ja rha hu .is tarah ki yatra maine jindgi main nhi dekhi muskile bhi aati hai or shiv bhole ke dawar par ja kar maan ko shanti bhi milti hai .is saal 2008 ko hamari yatra 21 augest ko ja rhi hai dunia bhar ke shiv bhagato ko mera yahi kehna hai ki ek baar manimahesh jarur aao yeh mera vishvas hai ki aapke sabhi dukh jarur dur ho jaye ge
    manimahesh kate kalesh,bham bham bhole

    aapka apna

    any infermation for manimahesh plz contect for 24 hour pankaj kumar sharma

    1. says: Bhupesh Kansal

      Hello Pankaj ji,
      Mujhe aapke bare me padh ker achha lga k aap her saal manimhesh bhole nath g k darshan k leye jate hai mujhe aapse kuch informations lene hai wha k bare me
      Mani mahesh ke yatra pura saal chalte hai ya amarnath ke trha saal me 2-3 mhene ke hote hai or mani mahesh himachal me kiss jagha per hai. or wha yatra me kitne din lag jate hai
      plz reply jrure kreye ga
      Bhupesh kansal
      From Bathinda

    2. says: himadri

      pankaj ji,
      maine aapki manimhesh trek ke bareme aap ki likhhi hui information pari.mai kolkata se o route ki trekking ke bareme aapse kuch information pana chata hu.mai is trek ka cost janna chahata hu, iske sath e bhi batana ke yaha par janeka sahi samay konsa hai?cost of guide ,horse bhi keya hai?agar meri hindi me koi bhool ho jaye to khsama kar dena.
      aapke aparichit ek nature lover and sib bhakt.

  4. says: Mahadev

    I am intrested in travelling. This year we (15 persons) had decided to visit manimahesh in sept. Pls help by sending the details on how many days it take to cover. We are far from Kerela.

  5. says: komal

    please give sone details as i realy want to visit mani mahesh, but some people made me afraid of the yatra telling me that the trek is very very steep. even much- much more then vaishno mata. so pealse help me regarding this.
    waiting for reply with warm regards,

  6. says: Bharat Dave, Gujarat

    PL. let me know the track, available Horse/Khachhar en rout the track. Nos of days and Food available during journy

  7. says: swaran deepak raina

    hello,any kind of help or enquiry about manimahesh or trekking in chamba or any type of information please contanct :swaran deepak raina,sr.correspondent,09418010622,[email protected] 01899-220001 residence 225955 office

    1. says: swaran deepak raina

      hello freinds, this manimahesh yatra will start from Raksha Bandhan, second holy dip will be on Janamashtimi means 22nd August 2011, and 3rd and last will be between 4th &5th September 2011.
      best way to reach at Manimahesh is from delhi to pathankot-chamba-bharmour by bus own vechicle-Hadsar- to dhanchho and Manimahesh on foot or by pony.

  8. says: Sharvan

    Mani Mahesh yatra mere liye ek bahut hi vilakshan pal tha main or mere dost 2009 ko is yatra per gaye. Rasta kathin hai magar dil me agar aarjoo bhole se milne ki ho to phir har muskil aasan hoti jati hai.

  9. says: prashant dhiman

    mere bhole nath ji maine 5 bar yatra ki hai aur 5 bar kamal kund tak gaya hu aur ek baar kailash ko bhi chua hai

  10. says: Abhi bansal

    Pls give me detail about this trek. And how km journey for this trek.I want to go manimahesh this year. My number is…….09992165554…..
    which time is the best for this trek.

    1. hello to all freinds who are anixious and want to trek manimahesh, journey has been started but not officially.there are three main events for this yatra as per hindu law ist raksha bandhan,second krishan janam ashtmi and 3rd final on the eve of radha ashtmi the main.mostly district administration makes arrangement for the last one which falls afer 15 days after krishan janamashtmi. from delhi to pathankot is 400 KM,Pathankot to chamba is 120 KM good drive, chamba to Bharmour is 68 KM bad road improvement is going on, bharmour to Hadsar is 16 KM narrow road some time difficult to park the vechile. Hadsar to Dhanchho is 8 KM tuff way,Dhanchho to Manimahesh lake is again 8 KM good paddlest way but pilgrimage tired due to shortage of dear freinds nothing to worry you must come see natural beauty of hills,must visit bharmour 84 temples and unique temple of the world Dharamraj and see your book written by lord chitragupt who is sitting there, pujari Lachho ram will tell u the tale otherwise contact swaran deepak raina,094180 10622,at chamba in his office dogra bazar,chamba to make full enjoy and adventure of trek.tanks to all i think no there should be no question

  11. says: Rajesh Joshi

    dear friends, the mani mahesh pilgrimage is one of the most revered pilgrimage of himachal and now officially it goes on for one month. but travellers do not know that the 14 kms route from hadsar is not the original route. this popular route is for masses but those who want more thrill and lonliness should take the route via kalah pass from the holi road. i promise you all will love it but go prepared.

    1. says: swaran deepak raina

      hello, now manimahesh yatra is over,wait for neaxt year, six year child and forty five year person both can enjoy yatra nothing bad,if shivjee permitted no one can obstruct,wait for neaxt year.

      1. says: swaran deepak raina

        distance is nothing
        1. hoshiarpur to pathankot 100 KM
        2. pathankot to chamba 120 KM
        3.Chamba to Hadsar 80 KM
        4. On foot track Hadsar to Manimahesh 16 KM

  12. says: amit

    dear frnds.

    hum 5TH July ko manimahesh ki yatra par ja rahe hai kya ye time yatra k liye sahi hai? pls give me details….. cont me 07428284857

  13. says: Anna


    Manimahesh Lake is situated at 27 Kms from Bharmour at the foot of Manimahesh Kailash. Lord Shiva is believed to reside on this snow-covered mountain. The lake and peak are considered sacred and a fair called as Manimahesh fair (Manimahesh Yatra) is held at the lake each and every year in the month of August and September; the Yatra starts from Janamastami to Radhastami each and every year. It is believed that on this occasion both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati gets the bath in the Lake. For this holy moment lacks of peoples comes from the country and abroad to take holy bath in the Manimahesh Lake. Providing a rare occasion to see and study the customs and rituals of the local people. And the glorious view of Manimahesh Kailash touches the hearts of visitor in the morning and at the time of sun rising. Regarding Manimahesh Kailash it is said that no one has been able to climb to the peak. Local legends clarifying that people point out rock projections, human-like in appearance, and say that one is of a hermit, the other of a shepherd, frozen stiff during their futile effort to reach the top. Many holy places come in the way to Manimahesh, at the distance of 6 km from Hadsar, a Dhancho famous for water fall and after 5km from Dhancho Gourikund come. Gauri is another name of Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. A dip in this lake is considered sacred because it is believed that Parvati used to bath in this lake. About one kilometer ahead is the Shiva Kalotri spring-said to have its source in Lord Shiva’s feet. After a short run reaches the Manimahesh Lake in this shallow circular lake gives it an enchanting appearance. A roofless temple, conspicuous with many iron trinkets, is seen on the opposite side. As per legends it is necessary to take bath in Brahmani’s pool before Manimahesh Lake.


    CHOTA SNAN WILL BE HELD ON 21th August 2:26 Pm – 22th August 4:15pm ( Janamastami)

    BADA SNAN WILL BE HELD ON 4th September 11:53Pm – 5th September 10:35 Am (Radhastami)


    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  14. says: Rajesh Dhiman

    hello friends,

    Kindly confirm once……correct the month and date opening the Manimahesh yatra 2011 and how much cost of helicopter in one person……..

    Rajesh Dhiman.

  15. says: pankaj kumar sharma

    main lagatar nine years se manimahesh yatra par ja rha hu .is tarah ki yatra maine jindgi main nhi dekhi muskile bhi aati hai or shiv bhole ke dawar par ja kar maan ko shanti bhi milti hai .is saal 2011 ko hamari yatra 15 augest ko ja rhi hai dunia bhar ke shiv bhagato ko mera yahi kehna hai ki ek baar manimahesh jarur aao yeh mera vishvas hai ki aapke sabhi dukh jarur dur ho jaye ge.admi vha kbhi ja hi nhi sakta le ke jane wala toh voh shiv hai
    manimahesh kate kalesh,bham bham bhole

    aapka apna

    any infermation for manimahesh plz contect for 24 hour
    pankaj kumar sharma 094-173-35668
    hitesh kumar sharma 094-649-10031

  16. says: Tarun

    this yatra may be 2-3days long or if a person wants it might be expanded depending upon him. Main requirements are a rain coat or umbrella, inneq wears which might be required at the destination as there is so cold there. The way to manimahesh is some what difficult what it makes it more delightfull way. This yatra was officialy open from raksha bandhan (Rakhi) to radha ashtami. Means only 25-30 days every year. This yatra is not opened throughout the year due to heavy snow fall, and there might be roads are blocked that time. During this officially announced period there are full facilities of langars, medical etc. So best of luck. jai bhole.

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