Kullu Devta Keeps A Date With Weather Gods

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Shamanistic beliefs about Devta’s in Himachal Pradesh being intermediaries between humans and the almighty hold strong and has bonded a god fearing society for thousands of years.

Not the web connection applications tracking daily global weather changes, nor the met office had forecast heavy snow that parts of Shimla, Kullu, Chamba, Kangra and Chamba have received this winter after the hills had lived through a prolonged period of 5 dry months.

Hitech mobile applications have begun to erode the faith of natives in congregating before their Devta’s seeking the mercy of rain or snow, to overcome draught conditions, but one Devta in Kullu knocking on the door of another powerful Devta, seeking relief from the long dry spell, has got believers, especially the young ones, turning to old gods again.

Devta Halan & Devta Than bring about rain, snow on Ughi valley, Kullu, so the believers hold

Villagers in Ughi valley of Kullu are thanking their Devta for the bountiful snow, something that sustain’s livelihoods of human’s and animal in the hills.

The weatherman had put out forecast of rain many times during the 5 month dry period, but each time it only disappointed.

Some of the village elders in Halan and Shim village of Ughi valley, Kullu retain the belief that Devta Nag Dhumbal of Halan village is a rain god and whenever Devta Than from Shim comes seeking rain, Devta Nag forgives all and relents by causing rains or snowfalls.

Faced with a dry snowless winter, the devotees turned to Devta Than and carried his palanquin on 8th January to the temple of Devta Nag Dhumbal in Halan village.

When the villagers asked for rain, Devta Nag Dhumbal made his annoyance with the people known for deserting farm animals, especially cows and bulls, in jungles.

The villagers expressed remorse and said that would make amends.

After pacifying the deity, Devta Nag Dhumbal and Devta Than decided to hold court with the elements in the open temple courtyard till it rained.

To the surprise of all, by evening it started raining.

The villagers woke up to the next day, 9th January, with the valley all white with fresh snow; the first snowfall that the low lying villages in the valley have recorded in 2 years.

Editor-Reporter with Hill Post, Ravinder Makhaik as a journalist has for over two decades worked for India’s leading newspapers and television networks.

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