Cyber crime workshop organized in Shimla

Shimla: A workshop was organized here in Shimla today that focused on the threats associated with the Cyber World. The major focus of the workshop was on cyber laws, cyber crimes, and safeguarding tools. It also talked about the challenges faced by the law enforcing agencies that Internet criminals throw up every day.

Cyber Crime Workshop in Shimla

Speaking about the various ways cyber frauds and criminals operate, Ashok Sharma, a senior Police official said that not just state police organizations but even premier investigating agencies like the Indian CBI and the US CIA have been victims of hackers who had defaced their websites.

Relating it to the cyber laws that was enacted in 2000 and subsequently amended in 2008, Sharma said a lot of the terminology used was subjective that could be interpreted differently by different police officials.

There was no obvious attempt to curb the right freedom of speech under the IT act, he said, in reference to the case of two girls in Mumbai being arrested for posting a comment on Facebook the day the funereal of Balasahib Thackrey was held.

Cyber crime specialist Ashok Sharma

 Sharma, who is an engineer by qualification, following developments in computers, internet and information technology is a passion that he has been tracking for the last 12 years.

In Himachal he said that the cyber crime noticed was related to ATM frauds and innocent people becoming victims to fake lottery schemes.

For a victim, registration of a complaint at the nearest police station, was the start of any investigation into cyber crime that may have a global imprint, he added.

The police officer admitted that the police was not fully equipped to deal with cyber crime but investigated abilities through internet tracking tools of some key personnel were being upgraded to meet the challenge posed.

“The problem is that when investigative abilities catch up the methodology of the cyber crime committed, newer technologies are developed, he said.

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