CPI(M) to contest 16 seats in Himachal elections

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 Shimla: Making a serious bid to break into the polarity politics of  BJP and Congress in Himachal, the Communist Part of India (Marxists) have announced candidates who would be contesting the elections on 16 seats.

State CPI(M) secretary Rakesh Singha would be contesting the election from Theog, a seat that already has heavy weights senior congress leader Vidya Stokes, BJP has put Rakesh Verma in the fray and Trinamool Congress state convener Pramod Sharma is also a candidate on the seat.

Another prominent CPI(M) leader, Kuldeep Singh Tanwar would be contesting the seat from Kasumpati, where he is pitched against Anirudh Singh of Congress and BJP rebel Khushi Ram Balnatah.


The candidates nominated by the party are: –

  1. Rakesh Singha — Theog
  2. Dr. Kuldeep Singh Tanwar —— Kasumpti
  3. Tikender Singh Panwar —— Shimla (Urban)
  4. Sudesh Kumari, ——– Bhattiyat
  5. Sat Pal Maan, —— Renuka
  6. Prem Gauttam —– Lahaul Spiti
  7. Ram Krishan Sharma —- Arki
  8. Paras Ram ———- Balh
  9. Kushal Bhardwaj — Joginder Nagar
  10. Jagdish Kumar Thakur —— Seraj
  11. Jagdish (Jaggi) ———- Dharamshala
  12. Hari Ram Shastri ——– Shilai
  13. Gurnam Singh ———- Una
  14. Ashok Katoch ———– Sulha
  15. Anil Mankotia ———- Hamirpur Constituency
  16. Narayan Chauhan —— Banjar

Editor-Reporter with Hill Post, Ravinder Makhaik as a journalist has for over two decades worked for India’s leading newspapers and television networks.


  • Anil says:

    I hope CPIM will get more vote share this time. Party will win at least 2 assembly seats also. CPM will win from Shimla Urban seat. This is sure seat. Sometime party will win another 2-3 seats also. After 10-15 years, CPM will rule Himachal Pradesh. Shimla Muncipal election result is good example. People want a ruling change.

    • Rahul says:

      CPI will also win Sulha seat..

      • Rajinder Singh Chandel says:

        keep on and be with masses – definitely with well knit organisation it’s not impossible.

    • Rajinder Singh Chandel says:

      In my opinion – this time CPIM is going to win 03-04 seats. Definitely this opening is going to change the political scenario of Himachal shortly in future since cpim leadership, cadre and their credentials are no match to other political outfits.

  • R.T.Gnanam says:

    There is no alternative force in Himachal Pradesh except CPI(M). The state already witnessed the corrupted regime of Congress and BJP’s anti poor polices will vote for change in poltical power. At present CPM is the only party that cannot be blamed for misrule and corupted regime in HP. And the people are naturally lenient towards its progressive policies.

    • Rajinder Singh Chandel says:

      Agreed – there is vacuum and that needs to be filled. It’s up to progressive forces how they explore and motivate general masses in their favor through organised political awakening and people oriented struggles in right direction. CPIM is definitely force to reckon in Himachal from last three decades. But in parliamentary politics not succeeded as it should be. Now though continuous mass struggles and well oiled organisation they are going to make it big in coming days.

  • deepak thakur says:

    Ramkrishan will win from arki cpim seat with a no. of votes

  • Ganesh says:

    It is time the Himachal Pradesh gets the change. The alternative is available in front of its people. CPI(M) should win handful of seats to have a sizeable number in the assembly. All the best.

  • keshav says:

    lal salam anil bhai ……hamara neta kaisa ho anil mankotia jaisa ho

  • d das says:

    lal salam comrades

  • mukesh says:

    lal salam balon ko uttrakhand se salam

  • K.Mohan says:


  • asit guin says:

    India needs a change. Let it be started from himachal.

  • rajiv says:

    well thought comrades. Facts are real needs more struggle.

  • Kathir nilavan says:

    Himachal s d neck f india. . Both cöngres nd BJP kepn knife n neck. . We need a change 4m neck by CPIM. . Suport Left party. . Change india n gud way. .

  • asit guin says:

    Talking of communism? It’s sensible, anyone can understand it. It’s easy. If you are not an exploiter, you can grasp it. It’s good for you; find out about it. The stupid call it stupid, the rotten call it rotten. It’s against what is rotten and against stupidity. The exploiters call it a crime. But we know it is the end of the crime. It is not madness, but the end of madness; it is not chaos, but order. It is the simple thing, so hard to bring about.

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