Qualifying Kashmir Administrative Service exam is about hard work – Rameez Rashid

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Rameez Rashid secured the 3rd position in Kashmir Administration Service, but his passion for Police Services made him opt for it. Rashid is the second generation Police Officer as his father is already serving as a Senior Superintendent Service in J&K police. From the study table to a police academy, Rashid shares his journey with Hill Post.

Rameez Rashid

Q: To whom and to what do you give the credit for your achievement?

First and foremost thanks to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (SAW) for this blessing. Among the people the credit for this achievement mostly goes to my late grandfather who always encouraged me to do something good in life and to my parents. Nothing would have been possible without their support and guidance.. Not to forget, my siblings -sister and two younger brothers- who always encouraged me.

Q: How should one assess oneself before deciding to go for civil services as a career?

If you have the will to go for it, you must not give it a second thought. Proper career counseling can give a person’s dream and will a proper direction.

Q: When should one ideally start the preparation?

Graduation is the best time to make a start. I personally did so. And then, dedicated six months’ of hard work before the exam.

Q: The first step is the most difficult; how to prepare? Which optional? When to read? How much to read? From where you got the right advice?

Single minded devotion matters, others things hardly bother you if you are prepared to take up the challenge. Guidance and careful analysis of the whole scheme will make things clear. What to chose, how much to read etc is finally your own call.

Q: What were your optional subjects and why did you select these?

My optional for the prelim was Zoology and for mains it was Kashmiri Literature and Anthropology. Change in the optional at mains had a game plan behind it. Kashmiri, especially, was a choice by heart for it gave an inner good feeling reading your own mother tongue literature. My decision to take up Kashmiri was opposed by many given my almost negligible experience with the subject. But I stood determined and didn’t let anything obstruct my way and proved myself right by becoming the first qualifier among top 5 rankers with Kashmiri as an optional.

Q: Does the place of preparation matter?

Environment does have an impact on the preparations and one should always prepare where one feels comfortable. Home seems to be the best place for some, while others prefer to prepare away from home. It’s completely one’s own mood and choice that should prevail. For me, it was a mixture of both.

Q: Is strategy more important than hard work?

Strategy plays an important role. Though ‘hard work’ can’t be ignored, i must say that it was ‘smart work’. By smart work I mean, working hard but not as hard as one would without a proper goal, and proper moves. Work well with dedication -that’s what constitutes ‘smart work’.

The strategy was to read as much as possible because KAS is an exam where you can’t risk to leave any portion untouched. As my dream was to qualify in the first go with a good rank, so i hardly left anything where i would have to repent if the case was so. Crafty selective reading after you’ve read almost everything needed, also helps to fetch a good rank.

Q: How many hours one should devote to crack this exam?

It’s not actually the quantity, rather the quality that matters. During the mains i would devote much time for the preparations, but before the exams it would be just 5 or 6 dedicated hours a study.

Q: Any particular books and reading material that you like to share with our readers?

NCERT texts and Spectrum Series got general studies; for Anthropolgy books by Nadeem Hasnain, Physical Anthropology by B M Das, General Anthropology by Amber and Amber, Anthropology by Indrani Basu Rai, Indian Society by S C Dubey, Anthropological Thought by Upadey and Pandey, NCERT Textbook of Sociology for XI and XII, Brain Tree Study material; and for Kashmiri I read the books prescribed by the PSC in the syllabus, plus some Kashmiri literary books like ‘Kasher Adbuk Tawareekh’ by Shafi Shouq, Research Journal ‘Anhaar’ by Kashmiri Dept Kashmir University, “Kashir Encyclopedia 4”, “Kashir Zabaan Te Adab” by Cultural Academy, “Kashiruk Grammar” By Shafi Shouq, “Kashmiri, English, Hindi Reader” by Shafi Shouq, Special “Sheraz” Editions by Cultural Academy etc.

Q: How did you cope up with the pressure both family and friends?

Faith in God and oneself is the factor that overcomes all kinds of pressure. Daily prayers and remembrance of God gave me the inner strength and courage to withstand evrything. Moral boosting and the ‘you can’ & ‘you will’ kind of encouraging words by parents, siblings and dear ones played a great part.

Q: Had you not been selected?

Did give this question a thought even though I was optimistic right from day one. It’s in my blood to ‘be positive’ as B+ happens to be my blood group as well. And, towards the end, if at all anything was like that, bouncing back and hard at that in the next attempt would have been the alternative.

Q: Any suggestion you want to give to future aspirants?

Set a goal, work for it with dedication and make it your aim by choice. Don’t be cowed into others choice. Work hard and let not anything distract you. Read whatever is helpful for the exam, be open to guidance from specialists, give your best and then leave it to God.

Having got here, I have decided to devote some of my time for other aspirants and guide them as much as possible. They can contact me anytime and I would only be to happy to help them.

Zahid Maqbool is a freelance journalist based in Srinagar.


  • BHAT AZAN says:

    Assalaamu alaikum sir .
    i have complete my PG in political science and now i am thinking to go for KAS, but the problem is that i wouldn’t understand how would i start and how should i prepare out myself…
    And the main thing is i have less time for prepration.

  • sideratul muntaha says:

    Asalamu alikum
    Sir i have completed my B.a now i wana go for kas but i dnt knw anything about it can u plx guide me

  • syed bazila says:

    Its wonderful u have cracked it that two among toppers…well i wan a b an accounts officer…there is requirement of suggetions.

  • mohd azhar ud din says:

    Asalamualiakum. I feel good with your sucess
    Sir lam a student of political science pertaining PG .
    I want your assistance.can we join on facebook.
    ..that will be your goodness

  • aijaz ahmad dar says:

    Sir I m a student of pg mathematics. now our aim is to go for k.a.s. how should I start to read for that purpose & what subject should I opt as optional.

  • hinz says:

    Hello sir I m preparing for civil services but one thing which distracts my mind is that I often use to listen that the final selection depends on interview & only those candidates are selected who have offered bribe. So my conflict is that is corruption overtaking hard work in civil services also ?

  • Junaid Rahim says:

    A/a Sir,i have done BCA from kashmir
    university i am intrested in
    qualifying KAS,so please i want
    some guidence from you and also
    suggest me the subjects that i have
    to choose.
    Sir please reply in my mail
    [email protected]

  • Ruksar kousar says:

    sir I had just given my 12 th exam and I want to crack kas in mathematics plzzzz sir send me some tips for it on my email [email protected]

  • hilal ahmad says:

    Sir i am the student of b.a 2nd year my subjects eng, eng literature, sociology, urdu. I want to crack KAS exam plz give me some guidence about books.

  • Bilal ahmad lone says:

    Sir I’m P.G in psychology
    is it be a good for kas as a scoring subject

  • mohd younas says:

    Sir I just done BA my sub…was political science,education,Urdu,English……which subject should me take in preli…. And mains …..if u reply me I will be highly thankfull to u

  • sseerat un nisa says:

    A/alikum. Sir right now I am pursuing my bA from ignou and doing my software cource at the same time .I am an elumini of D P S srinager I am very much intrested in cracking kAS.kindly guide me how will I pursue with the same. A proper guidance and a dedicated aspirant can crack the exams quite easily.and that’s my belief.

  • kunzang Dorjay says:

    Hello sir….I m student of arts in 1st year.I want to know about KAS examination in detail please sir help me.I m too much interested in this service .My main subjects are history and political science…

  • kanika says:

    Sir .. Presently I m in Bsc honours .. Ist Yr . I m doing honours in zoology .. I have a strong will for KAS exam can u pls guide me regarding the syllabi , preparation time .., how can we make our ans effective n actually what the examiner wants ..in that ..n also ur tips for it ..I also want to know can I take any arts subj as my optional with zoology ..I really need ur help

  • Lone Yasir says:

    sir,I have chosen Pub Administration and and anthropology for mains .Is this a right combination? Please mail me on [email protected]

  • salim mir says:

    i wanna know every info about kas and were from i will get study material and a proper protocol please help

  • Aamir Lone says:

    Fst of all Congratulations Sir

    sir I’m the student of BsC 4th semester and i have optd zoology and botany . Sir i wanna guide frm you..
    please write me back on [email protected]

  • Shakir rashid says:

    Can i do it? I got 489/500 in class x last year.

  • Moadil iqbal says:

    Asalam u alaikum sir I have passed my 10+2 medical which stream and subjects should I take for preparing kAS

  • namish Gupta says:

    dear sir i know that i have read ur success story very late. I am a banker and want to clear KAS, can you give me a study plan for the same. My mail id is
    [email protected]

  • ishfaq says:

    I want it contact number sir please

  • rayees ahmad says:

    A.a sir i am student 12thclass i want to qualifying KAS exam. plz give me guide suggesstion..inshaallah i will try

  • Mehraj Aalam says:

    Asalam u alykum sir I completed my b.a with pol science and Urdu my subjects both are good to me sir in any how I want to qualify kas. Which subject is better sir plz give me vise suggestion


    sir i have an keen interest to become an KAS officer. Still i am in 2nd year B.Com sir plz suggest me some valuable tips regarding of KAS

  • Riyaz ahmad says:

    Sir I am govt employee…
    Can this affect my preparation for kas

  • naresh bassay says:


  • sana.Manzoor says:

    A.A sir ..um graduate plxxx i want 2 qualify kAs exam ….can i…?plxxx give me full infrmation about it plxxxx

  • A/a sir
    i m Mir Shabir from distt.bdgm
    i want to say u that i have completed my 12th class examination
    Now i want to prepare for
    Kashmir Administrative Services
    Bt i didn know the eligibility or procedure of it nd also i want know
    About Books which will makes me easy To Achieve this goal
    Sir my email id is [email protected]. ..
    [email protected]. .


    Sir i have qualified my 12th class . Now i choose subjects which is helpful for kas.

  • Amandeep says:

    Sir I am thinking to crack kas exams but I don’t even a single thing how to crack and how to prepare for it .I need a proper guidance from you .Sir plzzz help me and provide me proper guidance

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