Madhya Pradesh peon worth Rs.12 crore

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Ujjain : A peon working in the city’s municipal corporation was found to own assets worth around Rs.12 crore during a raid by the Madhya Pradesh Lokayukta police, officials said.

Narendra Deshmukh, 53, a peon in the Ujjain Municipal Corporation, owns 18 acres of land, farmhouses, 10 bank accounts and four luxury cars.

His house in Ujjain, some 190 km from state capital Bhopal, itself is worth around Rs.50 lakh. Police also recovered documents of a hotel he owns in Gurgaon in partnership with his brother, a factory in Mumbai, and two houses in the name of his wife, among others.

Rs.1.4 lakh in cash and ornaments worth Rs.1.25 lakh were also seized during the raid.

“So far, Rs.10-12 crore worth of assets have been assessed. His bank lockers will be opened today (Thursday). We will also send officials to Mumbai, Jalgaon and Gurgaon to get exact details of his assets,” said O.P. Sagoria, deputy superintendent of police, Madhya Pradesh Lokayukta.

Deshmukh joined the municipal corporation as a peon in 1980. In his 31 years of service, he has officially earned around Rs.15 lakh. Lokayukta officials say that after deducting expenses, he should have, at the most, assets of around Rs.9 lakh only.


  • Taha Mirza says:

    Hill Post : Why Havnt You All Shared The Mourning News Of People In Darjeeling Or Nepal Over Imam Hussain (a.s) – The Grandson Of Prophet Muhammed (saww) In This Muharram.

  • Hill Post says:

    Taha Mirza We do not have any ground staff in this region at the moment. We hope we will be covering such stories in future.

  • Taha Mirza says:

    @hill post : As I Have Read About The Muharram In Darjeeling On Internet With The Reference Of Your Site Last Time.
    And The Sacrifice Of Imam Hussain (a.s) Is Not A Story Its A Fact.

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