Hail, rain nip Shimla temperature

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Shimla: A sudden shower accompanied by a mild hailstorm caught many out holidaying here off guard, with some making a beeline to nearest garment stores to pick up woolens as the temperatures dropped drastically.

“It got so cold in the afternoon, and I had to buy out a cardigan immediately as I had come unprepared for such weather,” said Saluja, a tourist from Delhi.

The rains accompanied by hail was due to local formations, said Manmohan Singh, director meteorological department. Temperatures dropped by as much as 3 to 4 degrees Celsius, he added.

The met office has forecast rain and thunderstorms in middle hills for Tuesday also and rain or snow in higher hills.

Photo Credit: Lalit Kumar

Editor-Reporter with Hill Post, Ravinder Makhaik as a journalist has for over two decades worked for India’s leading newspapers and television networks.

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