Another unfruitful protest against Valentine’s Day by BYJM

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Shimla: Where all the love birds were celebrating Valentine’s Day – the Bhartiya Yuva Janta Morcha (BYJM), in Shimla, was busy protesting the celebration of Valentine’s Day on the steps of the Town Hall.

The protest was not only for Valentine’s Day but it was also against the UPA government, targeting congress president Sonia Ghandi specifically for not carrying out the death sentence awarded to Afzal Guru, who has been convicted in the attack on parliament case.

However, the police said that about half a dozen boys received minor injuries in three separate incidents but day passed peacefully.

Raised in Shimla and originally from Mandi district, Disha wears many caps which includes being part of a lead team of a fast growing IT company based out of Chandigarh. Earlier Disha was associated with My Himachal and visits Shimla regularly.


  • NITYIN says:

    That is quite a parlance to protest… Valentine Day and Afzal Guru!

    Were these guys short of time or what? If time management was an issue these guys could have also chosen to protest against the Ram Setu, Thakrey’s rowdyism against North Indians in Mumbai, Failure of the police to nab the kidney king pin earlier.

  • There r sum ppl who aim at creating some or the other nuisance….guess this group is one of them!

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